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Irish Restaurant Near Me. Do you want to eat foods that will calm your nerves and make you feel cool? These foods are not spicy but very appetizing and inviting with lots of vegetables. Irish restaurants can give you the very best of meals. They have very delicious meals that will make you always come back for more. These restaurants are not hard to find. They are everywhere including your neighborhood. Do you want to find them? If yes, keep reading.

Irish Restaurant Near Me

Irish Restaurant Near Me – Find it on the Map

To find Irish Restaurant Near Me, browse the map below. You will find a list of Irish restaurants in your location. You can proceed to read reviews about them, get to know their opening hours and the dishes they serve.

What is the national dish of Ireland?

Ireland’s national dish is Irish stew. It is a thick and hearty dish made with: mutton, potatoes, and onions. It also has iconic ingredients that are truly synonymous with the country of Ireland especially potatoes.

What to expect during Lent

The lent goes on for 40 days. During the lent, Catholics will abstain from eating certain foods like milk, butter, eggs, and all other animal products. Some people may just decide not to eat meat every Friday. Then on Good Friday, they will traditionally eat hot cross buns. It holds a very deep spiritual meaning for Irish Catholics. Some restaurants add foods people eat during lent to their menu.

Is it true that Irish food has lots of salt and pepper?

Irish food contains salt and pepper just like any other food. It comes with high-quality and fresh ingredients and seasonings from local markets or farmers. You can find their foods without spices but there must be salt and pepper. They cannot do without these two. This is not to say that they over-salt their meals.

Irish diet includes staples like potatoes, grains, and dairy. Potatoes appear in nearly every Irish meal. Irish scones and biscuits are a specialty in the north, many of which are made with potatoes.

Big Meals, Large Portions

The fact is that the Irish enjoy eating large breakfasts, especially in rural regions. So, if you go to an Irish restaurant and you see big meals with large portions, do not be surprised. Their commonest foods include soda bread, pancakes, eggs, porridge, and tea or coffee. However, an old-fashioned breakfast usually has a mixed grill of breakfast meats and cones, soda bread and preserves, black pudding, and fresh fruit juice.

Another unique dish eaten at this time of day was the “Dublin coddle”. It is made with: bacon, sausage, potato, and onion soup. At present, people enjoy eating light meals in the morning and at midday. The main meal is still at dinner. Irish lunch includes a bowl of soup and some freshly baked soda bread. This is very sweet.

You may not understand the word super. “Supper” in Ireland is a late-night snack; it consists of a slice of bread with butter and perhaps a glass of milk.

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