Intuit GoPayment App – accept mobile payments and not miss sales

Intuit GoPayment App is designed for business owners that want to get paid easily. The App is user-friendly; if your customers use a credit card for their purchases, they will love Intuit GoPayment App because it’s so easy to use.

Payments are automatically generated into QuickBooks and synced up seamlessly. With the Intuit GoPayment App, you can accept mobile payments and not miss out on a sale.

Intuit GoPayment App

Intuit GoPayment App Features

  • The Intuit Go QuickBooks Payments enables you to accept payments anytime, anywhere.
  • Accepts all payment types: It accepts and records all credit card transactions. Plus, record any cash or check payments.
  • Works with QuickBooks: All transactions sync up with QuickBooks and Intuit Point of Sale products to help you fully coordinate your business
  • Enables you to customize: You personalize receipts and add your logo to fit your business needs.

Get Paid easily with the Intuit payment App

Request: All you need to do is swipe, key, or take a photo of your customer’s credit card information. Or process the transaction online.
Sign: Your customer signs for the charge using the Gopayment app
Get Paid: Credit card charges are processed instantly. Email or text a receipt to your customer.

How To Download The Intuit Gopayment App

Follow the guide below:

  • Firstly, visit and sign in from your computer using your established Google user ID and password.
  • Secondly, once you are signed in to your Google account go to to download the Gopayment app to your mobile device.
  • Thirdly, look for Gopayment in the search bar towards the top of the screen
  • Fourthly, choose the appropriate version of Gopayment, either the mobile phone or the tablet version, and tap install
  • Also, select the device you would like to download the Gopayment app to in the new window that appears, in the “SEND TO” drop-down menu.
  • Tap on the green install button
    A message will be sent to you saying “The app will be downloaded to your device shortly”. Tap OK to close the window.

The most recent version of the Gopayment app will be downloaded to the mobile device you selected. The process can take a few minutes depending on your internet signal strength.

Install and Login

  • Firstly, install the free Intuit Gopayment App on your device
  • Secondly, complete the Application routine
  • Thirdly, get approval
  • Fourthly, to log into the QB Gopayment app, use the login details that you used in creating your QuickBooks Account during the sign-in process.

Intuit Gopayment Customer Service

The Intuit Gopayment experts are 24/7 online for your help and also to offer technical support.
Gopayment contact phone number +1-855-441-4417.

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