Intellectual Property Lawyer Near Me – make the thief pay for damages

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Have you written a book, invented something, or originally created anything? If yes, that thing is your intellectual property. No one has any right to copy or steal it. In case someone does that, you can hire an intellectual property lawyer.

This person will help you recover your intellectual property and make the thief pay for the damages he/she has caused. If you need the services of an intellectual property lawyer, keep reading.

Intellectual Property Lawyer Near Me

Intellectual Property Lawyer Near Me – Find it on the Map

To find an intellectual property lawyer near you, browse on the map below and find a list of qualified intellectual property lawyers in your location. Feel free to choose a location and browse further. In this way, you will get reviews, the level of expertise of the lawyer, and other details.

What are the four types of intellectual property?

The 4 types of intellectual property include trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, and patents. A trade secret is the first type of intellectual property right. Usually, all inventions or ideas start out as a trade secret of the inventor. Inventors always keep their ideas safe from those who could potentially profit off of their genius, to do this; they simply hire an intellectual property lawyer to handle the property. The other ones include; a patent, trademark, or copyright.

What is a trademark?

Have you ever seen “™” on big market products? Actually, trademarks work to protect brands. The product or service is known as a trademark. A trademark is anything a customer uses to identify a product or the source such as the name or brand associated with the product. Businesses use trademarks as the item they are selling. However, when the brand or trademark is made up of words instead of being a physical thing, it is known as a “wordmark.” Always trademark your product as there are lots of competitions out there. Only an intellectual property lawyer can help you achieve the kind of result you seek here.

What is infringement?

An infringement means the unauthorized use of the intellectual property. It is best to protect your intellectual property through an intellectual property lawyer. This will position you for justice if someone tampers your intellectual property. Furthermore, you can protect your product or idea with the patent number that was assigned by the patent and trademark offers. The simple label “patent pending” is very effective in discouraging others from copying your property.

Patent Law

Patent law protects inventions. Once you file and obtain a patent from the US Government, you automatically get a monopoly on the commercial rights and use of a product for up to 20 years. In this case, it protects your idea, the functional features of a process, manufactured item, composition of matter, or machine.

Copyright Law

We use this to handle expressive works. Artists, photographers, musicians, and writers, all use it to protect their work and how that work is used both with and without consent. It protects the expression or creative vehicle for your idea.

Lastly, whatever intellectual property you have, do well to protect it with the help of an intellectual property lawyer.