Ice Skating Near Me – a lot of fun and creates good memories.

Did you enjoy running around in childhood? If yes, am sure you had a lot of fun and created good memories. Do you want to rekindle the memories with an activity? If yes, you are in the right place. Actually, skating on an ice rink can bring those memories back to life. Even if you want competitive skating lessons or want to spend a few hours skating around the neighborhood, you will be able to do that. Keep reading to learn more.

Ice Skating Near Me

Ice Skating Near Me – Find it on the Map

To find a great ice rink your location, browse on the map below. You will find a list of ice skating rinks in your location. You can choose a location and browse further about it. This will give you more details about them such as their exact location and other details.

Is it true that Ice skates used to be made from animal bones?

Yes! But that was in the past. Today, technological advancements have changed everything. Prior to when people started to “ice dance” or develop any kind of real artistic expression through ice skating, the skates have better value. People used it as a means of transportation. It was just simple traveling from be one place to another with it as they saw it as a practical invention. Ages back,  the residents of Finland strapped animal bones to their feet in order to glide across frozen lakes instead of walking around them. Many scientists even discovered that they also used wooden poles to move forward. It was in the 13th century that the metal blades came into use.

What invention made figure skating possible?

Historians say that it wasn’t possible to perform any kind of skating tricks or hard maneuvers on blades until E.V. Bushnell invented a safe clip for the metal skates. Before then, the skate usually falls off and the wearer would sustain a serious injury. In 1848, Bushnell finally showed the world a skate that clipped to the foot. Today, everyone enjoys it.

The Facts On Ice Dancing

Fo, you know that with Iceskating you can “ice dancing.” Historians say that ice dancing is what made figure skating possible. It actually began in 1862. Also, it was in one harsh London winter that ice dancing became a popular hobby that people can go to pass the time and have fun. It was in the 1880s that the first concrete example of office dancing was done. Then, the Vienna Skating Club mimicked the Waltz on ice while skating at their gatherings. With time, it became very popular in both in Europe and in the US. You can even access it faster than figure skating. In 1976, it became a recognized sport at the Winter Olympics. Figure skating is now very popular and a lot of people watch it in the Olympics.

What is required?

It takes a lot of work and training to become a pro skater. Skating involves endurance even in very extreme circumstances. U out really need a coach to help you out with your training. Interestingly, while spinning, skaters can reach speeds of about 300 revolutions per minute. Now, you know that figure skaters experience as many RPMs as astronauts in centrifuge training. However, note that these moves are not easy to master. They take effort, time, and endurance. If you are a novice skater, prepare your mind for injuries as it won’t be easy at all. But the efforts are worth it.

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