How to Search for a Specific Person on Facebook – what you need to know

Do you know that Facebook’s Friend Finder can help you build your Friend List within a short period with so much ease?  With Facebook Search, you can seek out certain friends by name. It is easy.

When you log into your account, you will see the Search icon on your timeline.  This Search box helps you to search a lot of things on Facebook: pages, groups, events, even things your friends have liked. You can use it to search for friends, colleagues, school mates,  celebrities and lots more.

How to Search for a Specific Person on Facebook

However, you need to know the exact name of the person you want to find as well as his or her picture or physical appearance.  This helps you to easily find the person you are looking for rather than choosing someone you did not know.  Searching out someone you don’t know his complete name is hard.  This is because Facebook autocompletes the names that you type and assumes you’re trying to get to your friends’ Timelines. Don’t just click the Enter key when a name pops out.  You may just end up finding someone else.

How to Search for a Specific Person on Facebook

To search for a specific person on Facebook, take the steps below:

  • Firstly, enter the name you’re looking for in the Search box.
  • Secondly, look at the necessary appear in the autocomplete menu. Facebook displays the first of your friends and then friends of friends. This might help you find the person you are looking for.
  • Thirdly, if you see the name in the autocomplete menu, use your mouse or arrow keys to highlight the person you’re looking for.
  • Lastly, click on the name or press Enter.

This brings you to the person’s Timeline, where you can verify that you know the person and add him as a friend.

However, If you don’t see the person you’re looking for, check other options.

Type the person’s full name in the search box.

Click See More at the bottom of the search menu.

Now, the search menu will add new options for search. So, if you type Joy Tinsel and then click See More, you can now either search People Named Joy Tinsel, Pages, groups, and stores named Jane Tinsel.

Proceed to click the People Named <Friend’s Name> option.

A blue friend icon is next to this option. A search results page appears with bigger previews of people’s profile pictures and Timeline info. The right side of the page also has options for streamlining your search using fields such as Gender, Employer, Current City, and lots more.

You can use these fields on the right side of the page to zero in on your actual friend.

It may even give you further details about your friend such as where he works or where she’s from.

When you find the person you’re looking for, add her as a friend. You can do this by clicking on Add Friend. That is all.

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