How to find the Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies

Mobile home insurance is manufactured home insurance. It gives financial protection for damaged homes caused by accidents and some disasters. Also, it covers everything that standard homeowners insurance policy covers. It covers the followings:

How to find the Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies

  • Firstly, dwelling coverage like damages caused by fire or wind and sometimes floods.
  • Secondly, personal property coverage: this is usually adjustable but summed at a certain percentage of your dwelling coverage limit.
  • Thirdly, liability coverage: This one gives you protection against costs related to the legal liability of damaging another person’s property. It also covers injuries caused to guests on your property.
  • Also, loss of use coverage: if your mobile home becomes uninhabitable, this pays for your living expenses above or beyond your normal spending. It may include your hotel accommodation fees and extra fuel due to relocation.

Optional Coverage includes

  • Trip collision
  • Water backup
  • Replacement cost
  • Farm/ranch liability
  • Other structures

Factors that affect the price of mobile home insurance

  • First, coverage limit; the higher the coverage limit, the higher the premium.
  • Secondly, tie-down homes: They are likely more vulnerable to wind damage.
  • Thirdly, location: if it’s a mobile home community, you may get some discounts.
  • Also, recent claims: if recently you made claims for damages caused by fire or water damage, the insurer will charge you higher.
  • Lastly, model Year: older models have high charges than new models.

There may be other factors your insurer will consider.

To find the best mobile home insurance policy, consider the coverage level and cost. When the cost is affordable with adjustable and quality coverage, the insurance will be worth it.  You can review this article to find the best option for your mobile home insurance. Let’s see the following options:

  • Firstly, best for specialized coverage: Allstate
  • Best for full-value coverage: Foremost
  • Then, best for premium discounts: American Family insurance
  • Fastest: Assurant

The list above may not suit what you are looking for, but know that many homeowners’ insurance companies insure manufactured homes.

The Best for premium discounts: American Family insurance

With the American Family’s variety of discounts, your insurance policy for your mobile home will not be expensive. She is among the best 8 home insurers too. Once you meet her company’s requirements, you will enjoy a lot of discounts which will lower your coverage price. It is the best for the low-risk homeowners as it gives multiple discounts. They as well have an excellent rating with an A.M. rating. Her discounts include:

  • Use AmFarm’s Auto Pay, Full Pay, and Paperless billing features.
  • Live in a newer house or home you bought 3 years ago.
  • Get smart devices for your homes like Nest or Ring.
  • Bundle Home and auto insurance with AmFam.

Best for specialized coverage: Allstate

Does your area experience frequent hailstorms? In the past, were there mining activities in your area? If yes, Allstate provides endorsement for that. Allstate is one of the largest and most financially secure insurers in the United States. It also has property protection for damage to satellite dish antennas. People in Texas and Pennsylvania enjoy this coverage a lot. Allstate gives discounts to original titleholders and retirees of their mobile and manufactured homes.

Best for full-value coverage: Foremost

With Foremost, you can insure your mobile home above or below the policy’s coverage limit. Foremost gives optional and all standard coverage features for your mobile home. It as well as extended replacement cost coverage. This means that if the home you insured with them is destroyed, you will be reimbursed up to 20% above the value of your policy limit.

Moreover, she has an excellent customer complaint index. It does not give an instant online quote. This means that you will not get an email confirmation for the details about your mobile home within 24 hours.

Fastest: Assurant

To easily get a rate for mobile home insurance, try Assurant’s online form. It covers a lot including flood damage to structures and property. They are the only insurance company that includes flood damage property protection. It also has an excellent rating from most of its customers. To get Assurant’s insurance, shop for Geico, Progressive, or Liberty Mutual. She partners with all of them and gives instant mobile home insurance online quote.

Further, note that Assurant does not give optional coverage in the trip collision and identity theft coverage.

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