How To Close A Credit Card Without The Account Number

Are you trying to close a credit card but can’t seem to find the account number? There is no cause for alarm, you will find simple steps on How To Close A Credit Card in this article. If you were using too many credit cards and dropped some along the way only for it to still be appearing on your credit report. Here are practical ways to close a credit card without the account number.

01 Make sure the account is good to go | How To Close A Credit Card Without The Account Number

Is this your oldest credit card? Is there any balance left on this card? These are questions you need to answer before you can decide to close the credit card. If it’s your oldest card account, it’s definitely helping your credit score so it’s better to leave it open. If it has a balance then you need to clear the balance before closing it in order not to hurt your credit score. A credit card with available credit or the best terms is best left open too.

02 Call the Credit Card Company to Get the Account Number

Usually, your credit report contains the contact number for the company listing the account. If there is no phone number listed on the credit report, go to the website and search for the contact number. You can also try looking through your old documents to locate a credit card statement from that creditor.

When you have a number, call the card company. Let them know you have an account with them, but no longer have the credit card or the credit card number. The customer service representative will ask for some identifying information to look up your account.

03 Close the Account Over the Phone | How To Close A Credit Card Without The Account Numbers

If the representative can give your account number or at least the last four digits of the account number over the phone. Write it down for future reference. And then request to have the credit card closed.

04 Follow up in Writing

After closing your credit card by phone, send a certified letter to the credit card issuer confirming your request to have your credit card closed. In the letter include your name, address, and last four digits of the account number. State that you requested to have your credit card account closed on whatever. Date and that you want your credit record to reflect that the account was closed at your request.​

You can check your credit report in a few weeks to confirm that your account was closed.

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