Hotschedules – the leading employee scheduling industry

Do you know the leading employee scheduling industry? The answer is Hotschedules. Hot Schedule was created by 2 restaurant owners (David Cantu and Ray Pawlikowski) in the late 90s. They did this to put an end to low- profit yield, poor working terms, and poor customer-employee relations.

In the end, they created an online website to track their employees. Don’t think that this is only for restaurants, every business needs this in order to save time and build schedules for shifts.

Hotschedules - the leading employee scheduling industry

Today, hot schedules help

business owners to easily manage their employees and finance by tracking them, providing mobility, and saving time.

There is no faster and easier means of managing your schedules and getting in touch with your team members. With hot schedules, the members of your team can release shifts, swap, and even pick up shifts with a click.  Now, you know that managing people is very easy and fast. With hot schedules, team members work collectively to achieve their common goals.

However, to use the Hotschedule login service, get a hot schedule account. You can create one with your phone. You can go to As a manager in a firm that works with shifts, you can track your employees to perform their duties. Now, you don’t need to use pencils and paper or blue books to arrange shifts because everything is done online with the Hotschedules system.

Also, with this system, employees can make requests, like a shift change, and get their schedules. This is less stressful for the manager.

On the other hand, there are factors to consider before choosing a hot schedule system.  Make sure the system is very flexible enough to help your business grow. It also has to be accessible to your employees.

To login to Hotschedules, your device must have an internet connection. If it does not, go to POS Terminals to process your card payment.

How to login to your Hotschedules employee account

  • Go to
  • Click on the Login button.
  • You will see a sign-on page; supply your User ID and Password.
  • If you are using a personal device, you can tick the Remember Me box.
  • Click Login to access your account.

If you forget your password or Username, click on the Forgot Password or Username link. Enter the details they will demand and click Continue. You will get an email containing your Username. Use this to access your account. All you need is to follow instructions strictly to reset or recover your login details.

Why You Need Hotschedules Employee Login

  • It makes the employee’s life easier since he or she has access to accurate schedules.
  • Managers can easily use checks and balances to check staff performance.
  • It uses an inventory management system to integrate data
  • Members of a team can send messages even in mass to themselves.
  • With it you can save time and labor costs.
  • You can use it to maintain workflow, tasks, and shifts across locations.

Hotschedules also has its shortcomings, they include:

  • Employees have to wait for their managers to confirm their holidays before making personal plans.
  • Once a schedule is set, it is hard to switch over shifts again. This is because employees must make a request and wait for the manager to approve them. It is hard to do as you will also need other employees to confirm them.

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