Hot Topic Credit Card – discounts right from the first day you shop

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Shopping at Hot Topic cultural clothing and music stores has never been more rewarding with the Hot Topic Credit Card. The Hot Topic Guest List Credit Card offers discounts right from the first day you shop with your card followed by reward points for subsequent shopping sprees.
Hot Topic credit card is issued by Comenity Bank. It can be used online or in-store to access special preferences, as well as easy financing options.

Hot Topic Credit Card

Hot Topic Credit Card Benefits

  • Offers a 15% discount when you make purchases with the card for the first time
  • Cardholders earn 1 reward point, for every $1 spent
  • Cardholders earn a VIP status as soon as they hit 500 points. This comes with additional benefits if your account is in good standing.
  • Hot Topic credit card offers 24X7 online account management facilities.

How to Apply for Hot Topic Credit Cards

  • Visit the Hot Topic credit card application page
  • Immediately the webpage pops open, you will get the important information and terms, relating to the account. You are advised to read through the terms and conditions of the credit card before you proceed with the application.
  • Next you are to fill out the personal information section, with the following; Complete name, Social security number, Date of birth, Annual income.
  • In the contact information section, you are to provide the following information; Street address or APO/FPO, Rural route address, Street address, Suite route address, City, State, Zip code, Email address, Confirm email address Mobile phone, Alternate phone.
  • The next step, is to tick the “Yes” option, if you desire to add an authorized buyer. If you tick the “Yes” option, you are to fill in the personal information of the additional buyer.
  • In case you have a referral code, you can enter it in the box below.
  • The next thing to do, is to tap “Continue” to be directed to a page, where you will further set up your online access.

How to Activate Your Hot Topic Card

To activate your newly acquired Hot Topic card, call at 1-844-271-2526.

How to Login Hot Topic Credit Card

  • Navigate to the login page of the Hot Topic card
  • Next, provide your Username and Password
  • Lastly, click “Sign in”, to log in to your account.

How to Recover Username and Password

  • Scroll to the “Forgot password” link
  • Next, provide the following required details;
    • Credit card account number or Username
    • Zip code/ Postal code
    • Identification type
    • Last 4 number of the social security number
  • Click “Find my account”, to reset your password

How to Make Hot Topic Card Bill Payment

To make your Hot Topic card bill payment;

  • Sign in to your account
  • Immediately you are logged in, you will locate the payment tab
  • Choose the one that best suits you, to make your Hot Topic card bill payment.

Hot Topic Customer Service

Call: 1-800-892-8674, or alternatively visit the customer service page, to gain access to a customer service

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