HNB Royal College RCU Affinity- support your alma mater

HNB Royal College RCU Affinity credit card can be used by cardholders to support their alma mater with an incentive of 0.1% per transaction through the RCU Classic Affinity Card and 0.2% per transaction from the RCU Platinum. The Affinity credit card is donated to the Royal College Union Account.
HNB Royal College RCU Affinity credit card is issued by the Hatton National Bank PLC. LKR 550/- from the RCU Classic Affinity Card and LKR 1,500/- from the RCU Platinum Affinity Credit Card is also on a renewal basis donated to the Royal College Union Account.

HNB Royal College RCU Affinity Credit Card

HNB Royal College RCU Affinity Credit Cards Benefits

  • Firstly, receive an instant rate of 2% per month
  • Secondly, get to enjoy the benefits of a free supplementary card
  • Thirdly, allows transactions through ATM’s and HNB customer centers across the country
  • Fourthly, cardholders have access to details of past transaction amounts, available balances, and transactions following the final statement
  • Next, cardholders are allowed manual card payments through their account.
  • Lastly, (On request only) Royal Rugby fans, the tagline “Royal Rugby” to embossed beneath the cardholders’ name on the Platinum Affinity credit card.

HNB Royal College RCU Affinity Credit Card Fees/ Rates

  • Annual Fee –Classic – LKR 1,000/-
  • Platinum – LKR 3, 000/-
  • Joining Fee – Free
  • Interest – 2% p.m. (24% p.a)
  • Stamp Duty –Owing to the notice of the Department of Inland Revenue, which takes effect from 1st January 2016, 2.5% will be charged as stamp duty from the credit card transactions done overseas, including online transactions done on websites of companies incorporated overseas (Rs.25/- for every Rs.1000/-part)
  • Cash Advance Fee –Local – 3% + LKR 100/-
  • Intl -3% + LKR 200/-
  • Late Payment Fee – 0.75% of the credit limit or the total outstanding whichever is lower, subject to a minimum of Rs. 750- (Minimum payment per month 5% out of the Total Outstanding Amount)
  • Over Limit Fee –LKR 500/-

How to Apply for HNB Royal College RCU Affinity Credit Cards

  • Those who wish to apply for RCU Platinum are expected to have a minimum salary above LKR 50,000/-. Follow the steps below to apply;
  • Visit the application homepage
  • Choose a product (i.e.) the credit card you wish to apply for
  • Next you are expected to download the application form
  • Fill the application form, and bring the same to a branch close to you.

Customer Service

Call: 0112 462 462.

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