HMU – an informal way to easily tell a person to contact you

HMU is an internet abbreviation for “hit me up.” It’s an easy way to tell a person to contact you or privately meet up with you in the future. It is often used in informal places or on social media platforms.

However, other people use HMU to show that someone asked them for something like money or any other thing.  This rhymes with the definition of “hit up,” which is common real-world slang for someone asking you for something. Many people use this when people ask them for something.

Also, “hit up” can also mean you want to go to a place. For instance, you and your friends could “hit up” at a bar or restaurant.


The History of HMU

The phrase “hit me up” has been in the hip-hop culture since the ’90s. Then, a lot of people (not just drug dealers) used one-way pagers to communicate with one another. They received phone numbers. Someone would call (“beep”) your pager from his phone. Your pager would light up, make an audible “beep,” and the phone number that paged you would appear on the screen so you could call the person back.

In no time “Hit up” grew fast, a lot of people started using it. A lot of rappers used the phrase in hundreds of popular songs, and today it has a lot of meanings. Today, people use the phrase with cellphones, the modern version of pagers.

The abbreviation HMU first appeared on Urban Dictionary in 2009. By 2010, it already became very popular.

Do you know that Facebook’s 2010 Memology report says that HMU went from being a rarity to the biggest trend of the year?

According to Google Trends, searches for HMU were at their peak in 2010 and leveled out after about a year. HMU’s definition is being looked up less because it’s now so commonly used, many now know what it means.

How Do I Use HMU?

Lastly, HMU is easy to use and is understood by many people. You can use HMU whenever you mean to say “hit me up.”

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