Halifax Clarity Credit Card – offers interest rates for purchases

The Halifax Clarity Credit Card Reward offers no charge on transactions, not even a fee on cardholders at the ATM. It offers interest rates for purchases and avails balance transfers and cash advances. This Card is termed one of the cheapest options for credit card purchases and cash withdrawals abroad. However, Halifax Clarity Credit Card Reward comes with a standard £12 fee per incidence for late or declined payments, making no monthly repayment and exceeding the credit limit. Go for Halifax Clarity Credit Card Reward to enjoy the following benefits;

Halifax Clarity Credit Card

Halifax Clarity Credit Card Reward Offers

  • The Halifax Clarity Credit Card Reward has the same interest rate for purchases, balance transfers, and cash advances of 18.9% APR representative (variable)

Note: Only 51% of credit card applicants will be offered that representative APR; Halifax offers other applicants 21.9% APR (variable) or 25.9% APR (variable) depending on their circumstances and credit history.

How to Apply for the Halifax Clarity Credit Cards Reward

Requirements for application

  • Applicant must be 18 years or above to apply for Halifax Clarity Credit Cards Reward.
  • Must be a UK resident
  • Must have a regular income
  • Applicant must not be currently declared bankrupt, or have any country court judgments or subject to an Individual Voluntary agreement
  • Have not already applied for a card and been declined in the last 30 days

You’ll need the following to apply:

  • Firstly, current UK address details, plus your previous address if you’ve moved in the last three years
  • Secondly, phone number and email address
  • Thirdly, annual income (before tax)
  • Main bank account number and sort code
  • Details for any non-Halifax credit or store card(s), if you want to make a balance transfer as part of your application. You can also apply for a balance transfer later within Online Banking or over the phone.

How To Apply 

An application can be done online, in the branch, or over the phone. However, some balance transfer offers are available exclusively online. You’ll get to find out if you’re successful about halfway through the form. Applying through Online Banking will make your application quicker and easier.


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