Gohenry Visa Card – fun way to pay your kids pocket money

Gohenry Visa Card is a debit card and app with unique parental controls for young people aged 6 to 18. This card provides an easy and fun way to pay your kids pocket money and teach them good money habits. Gohenry costs just £2.99 per child per month, and you can cancel at any time. Your child can use their gohenry card anywhere they see the Visa logo – even overseas.
gohenry Visa Card is issued by ING Financial Services Limited. Unlike a normal Visa card, gohenry cards are reloadable. This means there’s no risk of debt, expensive mistakes, or overdrawn accounts. Join 100,000s of families and get started for free. Set up in just one minute. No upfront payment. Cancel any time.

Gohenry Visa Card

Gohenry Visa Card Benefits

  • As a parent, you can watch your child learn about money via completing tasks, spending responsibly, and working towards savings goals
  • Your child can make use of the card anywhere the Visa logo is seen, online, on the high street, at cash machines, or even overseas
  • Parents can top up their child’s card, and set spending rules so they stay in control
  • You choose where it can be used, in shops, online, or at cash machines
  • Get real-time notifications, that tells you when and where your child is spending
  • Instantly block and unblock cards at any time (stay safe if it gets mislaid)
  • Since it is a prepaid “Top-up” Card, there’s no risk of debt, overdraft, or expensive mistakes
  • Even if your child is overseas, you can transfer money instantly to their card, so they’ll never find themselves short on cash
  • Invite relatives to pay pocket money into your child’s account
  • Grandparents can set up accounts for their grandchildren.

Gohenry Visa Card Fees

  • Monthly Membership Fee per Child – £2.99
  • Loading Money to Your Parent Account (From your bank account) – 50p
  • (From your debit card) – 50p
  • Purchases in the UK – FREE
  • Purchases Abroad – 2.75%
  • Money Withdrawals (From an ATM in the UK) – FREE
  • (From an ATM Abroad) – £2
  • Standard Transfer to Your Bank Account – £5
  • Closing Your Card – FREE
  • Replacement Card Fee – £3.99.

How to Sign Up for Gohenry Visa Card

  • Firstly, visit gohenry card application page
  • Secondly, complete the first step as a parent by providing your details. This includes; Your email address, Confirm email address, Your title, Your first name, Your last name, Your mobile number, Create a password, and Promo code.
  • Thirdly, tap on the “Continue” link.
  • Fourthly, in the second phase of the application, you are to provide your children’s details
  • Also, the third step is about your security info
  • Finally, you are to choose your card design.

How to Login

  • Visit Login page
  • Type in your Email or Username
  • Enter your PIN or Password
  • Click on the “Log in” link.

How to Recover Password or Email Address/Username


  • Visit https://www.gohenry.co.uk/secure/forgot-details
  • Type in your email address or username
  • Tap on the “Send me the link”
  • Use the link sent to reset the password.

Email Address/Username

Customer Service Number

Call: 0330 100 7676, for general information and enquiries on gohenry Visa Card.

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