Giant Eagle Credit Card – card with low credit card requirements.

Enjoy unlimited fuel perks with Giant Eagle Credit Card. For every $50 spent, a cardholder earns 4 cents per gallon inside Giant Eagle and Get-Go. Giant Eagle credit card charges no annual fee and can be used at Giant Eagle Fuel Stations.
This Credit Card is issued by Comenity Bank with 24X7 online account control facilities. Cardholders pay a $0 foreign transaction fee; on the whole, it is a card with low credit card requirements.

Giant Eagle Credit Card

Giant Eagle Credit Card Benefits

” Firstly, every cardholder is entitled to unlimited fuel perks
” Secondly, 24X7 online account control facilities available.
” Thirdly, this credit card charges no foreign transaction fee
” Fourthly, no annual fee charged for card usage
” Next, for every $50 spent, cardholders, earn 4 cents per gallon inside Giant Eagle and Get-Go
Giant Eagle Credit Card Fees/ Rates
” Annual Fee – None charged
” Introductory APR Rate – None required
” Normal APR Rate – 25.24
Cash Advance APR Rate – N/A
” Lastly, cash Advance Fee – N/A

How to Apply for the Giant Eagle Credit Card

” Visit the application homepage and locate the Giant Eagle Credit cards.
” Review the terms and conditions required for opening the account before proceeding with filling the enrollment form.
” Enter the following information in the personal and contact details section. This includes; First name, Last name, Suffix, Social security number, Date of birth, Annual income, Street address or Rural route address, City, State, Zip code, Email address, Phone.
” Click the “Yes” button, if you wish to add an authorized user, if otherwise, click the “No” button.
” Tap “Continue” to proceed to the verification page. Once your status is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation message by the company.

How to check application status

Also, applicants who desire to check their application status, can do so by calling the customer service at 1-866-869-9354 thereafter, provide the application reference number.
How to cancel credit card
Cardholders who desire to cancel their credit card or close their account, can do so by calling the customer service at 1-866-869-9354 or visit the bank to request for account closure.

How to activate card

To activate your newly acquired credit card, cardholders can call customer service at 1-866-869-9354.
Customer Service
Call: 1-866-869-9354.

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