Forever 21 – How Can I Find Forever 21 Store Near Me?

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Forever 21 started as fashion 21 in Los Angeles California in 1984. It was Do Wong Chang and his wife Jin Sook Chang from South Korea that opened it. The store oriented at the American Korean community and sold designs similar to those found in Korea. This concept was very successful; with this, the company grew very fast. By 2013, there were already 480 Forever 21 stores. Even though it sold women’s wear at first, it now sells both men’s and women’s wear. In 2015, the company’s revenue rose to $4.4 billion.

However, due to ecological reasons, a lot of customers stopped patronizing them. This company also experienced some laggard in technological changes and opened a lot of brick-and-mortar stores in many countries. Unfortunately, in 2019 it filed for bankruptcy. This made it to close most of its locations in Europe and Asia even some in the U S. Today, only Forever 21 profitable stores are open. It ships orders to a lot of countries though.

In this article, you will learn:

  • How to find Forever 21 Near Me by using their locator and your zip code.
  • You will also get details about the location of your choice such as their working hours and so on.
  • You will learn how to get Forever 21 Coupons to make your purchases easier.

Also, this company has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. It has about 620 stores in the US, Asia, Middle East, and Latin America. Below is the list of states in America where the store is located and their numbers:

  • Alabama: 3
  • Arkansas: 3
  • Arizona: 12
  • California: 99
  • Colorado: 7
  • Connecticut: 6
  • Delaware: 3
  • DC 1
  • Florida: 34
  • Georgia: 15
  • Iowa: 2
  • Idaho 1
  • Illinois: 20
  • Indiana: 8
  • Kansas: 5
  • Kentucky: 3
  • Louisiana: 9
  • Massachusetts: 12
  • Maryland: 10
  • Michigan: 12
  • Minnesota: 4
  • Missouri: 5
  • Mississippi: 2
  • North Carolina: 11
  • North Dakota 1
  • Nebraska: 1
  • New Hampshire: 2
  • New Jersey: 18
  • Nevada: 5
  • New Mexico: 3
  • New York: 29
  • Ohio: 15
  • Oklahoma: 3
  • Oregon: 6
  • Pennsylvania: 16
  • South Carolina: 4
  • Tennessee: 7
  • Texas: 37
  • Utah: 5
  • Virginia: 11
  • Wisconsin: 4
  • Washington 11
  • West Virginia 1

The most popular Forever 21 locations are in: NYC, Los Angeles, Orlando FL, Tacoma, Denver, Chicago, Kansas City, Houston, Lakewood, Nashville, Pittsburgh, San Jose, Scottsdale, Victoria Gardens, Santa Barbara, Chico Hills, etc.

As a US resident, finding the Forever 21 location near you is simple. Use the map below but if it is hard finding it on the map, there is another option for you. You can use Forever 21 official map store locator on their website. At the website, enroll your zip code in the locator; it will take you to their store closest to you. Click the link below for the latter option.

How Can I Find Forever 21 Store Near Me?

Each red button on the map above indicates a location; choose the location that suits you. This will show you the restaurant’s average rating, address, opening, and closing hours, and name. To know about the hours of that location, click on ‘’View Larger Map’’ and it will appear.

Can I Save a Forever 21 Location with my Google Map Account?

Yes, of course! To do so, after choosing the store in your location, click on ‘’Save’’. You can always view this from your account anytime.

Can I see Customer Reviews of a particular store?

To do this, choose a particular store in a location on the map and click on ‘No of Reviews’’, and continue. This will take you to a page where you will read a lot of reviews about the location.

What are Forever 21 Working Hours?

Lastly, each Forever 21 location has its own working hour. We already gave a direction on how to find a particular location and know about it. From the direction above, you will as well see the working hours for that location.  The common forever 21 Hours are below:

  • Monday to Friday: 11 am to 7 pm. Saturday: 11 am to 7 pm. Sunday: 12 pm to 6 pm.

Forever 21 Coupons

Forever 21 Coupons help you buy wears at discounted rates. Check below for the coupon website.

This company also has Credit Cards for their customers. There is a Visa and a store card. These two cards are reward cards, giving you amazing cash backs on your purchases. You are free to apply for any of the cards especially if you are their frequent customer.