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Everyone needs food. We often need to stock our houses with food items. For those who just parked in an area, finding a food store can be very hard. Do not worry, in this article, you will learn about food stores near you, the food items they sell, and other vital details. Also, food stores sell food items at very affordable prices and you can get almost if not everything you need here.

Food Stores Near Me

 Near Me – Find it on the Map

To find a great food store in your location, browse the map below. You will find a list of great food stores in your location. Go ahead to get more details about them.

How long does the average person spend in a food store?

Statistics show that an average person visits a grocery store 1.6 times per week and spends around 43 minutes inside the store.

That number doesn’t include the time it takes to get to and from the store. When properly calculated, some spend up to 60 hours grocery shopping yearly.

What day of the week do most people visit food stores?

Since many people who work are off on weekends, they use this time for shopping. This is mostly on Saturdays and Sundays. On these 2 days, the number of people in food stores is usually too much. If you can, avoid shopping on these days. Try to avoid going to a store on a weekday between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM. This is when many people go to buy items for dinner on their way home from work.

While shopping on Saturday or Sunday, you will spend a lot of time navigating down aisles and waiting in line. However, if you go on other days, especially Monday, everything will be easy and fast.

What do you spend most of your food budget on?

The answer is junk foods. This includes processed foods, sweets, candies, and lots more. No wonder 25% of shopping money goes towards processed foods and sweets. A lot of people find it very hard to resist this kind of food.

Is it beneficial to always shop with a list?

Shopping with a list is very important. In a list, the individual writes down what he/she needs in order of priority. He also allocates prices to them. This helps the person to avoid buying on impulse or buying things the person doesn’t need. Don’t think that you can remember everything you need; you are a human and can forget some things. When you have a list, shopping becomes easy fast, and simple. You will also spend less since you already know how much to spend.


Before making a list, take some time to examine your kitchen, search out the things you need so as to know what to buy. It is from here that you will know what to write on your list. Shopping without a list is like driving on the road without a map to your destination. You can easily get lost.

 Grab These Items Last

While shopping, it is best to start in the produce section and end in the dairy or meat section. It will keep the products from spoiling in a non-chilled environment. Goods like ice cream, frozen fish or meat can come last when you are about to check out.

Go For the Back of The Shelf

There is one secret you don’t know. Stockers always follow a philosophy of “first in, first out.” So, they stock new inventory behind the old ones. To get the best and freshest of every item while searching, go for the back of the shelf on your next shopping trip. Do this when shopping for dairy products and goods that have expiration dates

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