Flower Market Near Me – give your room a great fragrance

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Do you need fresh flowers to give your room a great fragrance? Or do you want to gift your loved ones with a freshly cut bouquet? Do you plan to use fresh flowers for your wedding? If you answered yes, this article is for you. In this article, you will learn about the Flower market near you. In these flower markets, you can get any species of flowers fresh. Buying from a flower market gives you clean-cut flowers at very affordable prices.

Flower Market Near Me

Flower Market Near Me – Find it on the Map

To find a great flower market near you, browse the map below. Here, you will find a list of the best flower markets in your location. You can browse further to get more details.

What state produces the most cut flowers?

Statistics shows that 75% of all cut flowers are grown in California. This is because their climate gives room for them to grow flowers year round. Others are grown in Washington, Florida, and Hawaii. Where are your fresh flowers grown?

It is important to know that mild climates and relatively warm areas produce more cut flowers than states that experience all four seasons. As for imported flowers, most cut blooms come from Colombia and Ecuador. Know that local flowers last longer and support local business and growth.

Do Florists grow their own flowers?

The fact is that florists are perfect at the art of arranging flowers and creating beautiful bouquets. However, some of them grow their own flowers to use in those arrangements. Some even grow theirs in greenhouses or in outdoor gardens. It is important to know that many florists work with farms, wholesalers, and flower auctions to purchase flowers for their shop.

Many florists completely rely on outside sources to get their blooms because they can’t get flowers all year round. Many of them buy directly from the farms.

Which generation appreciates flowers the most?

Statistics prove that the generation with the highest appreciation of flowers and plants is the Millennials. 76% of those polled appreciate flowers a lot. Many say that the flowers make them feel alive.

Another group of people that love flowers is Generation X, followed by the baby boomer generation. This is quite interesting for florists, flower markets, and anyone concerned with the beauty of the natural world. What about you?

What type of plants/flowers is purchased most often?

The kind of flower highest in demand is bedding/gardening plants.  Think impatiens and zinnias. They are perfect for landscaping or a simple border garden. People use them to build gardens and landscapes at home.

Do you know that 46% of all flowers purchased in the US fall under this category? On the other hand, cut stems are still wildly in demand. More than 34% of all flowers purchased in the US are cut flowers or fresh flowers.

Another type of flowers in demand is houseplants. They are very popular, especially with the millennial generation. In fact, 20% of all plants purchased in the US are houseplants. They improve the mood and our health.

Do o you know that house plants remove toxins from the air? Interestingly, women make 79% of all flower purchases in the United States.