First National Credit Card – credit card that allows cardholders to earn

The Legacy Credit Card is a Visa credit card issued by First National Bank. This is a rewards credit card that allows cardholders to earn as they shop. You can apply for this card at A Legacy credit card holder can create an online account for his card and manage his credit card activities. If you already have the card, go ahead and activate it.First National Credit Card


After getting your card, go to the website above to activate it. To activate your card, call the customer care agent on the mail you got and follow the instructions you will receive. To register your card, go to the website above. Follow the steps below:

  • Firstly, click on the Register Your Card link.
  • Secondly, supply your full name as written on the card.
  • Thirdly, enter your card number.
  • Also, supply the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.
  • Enroll your Zip code and your Card Security Code.
  • Create a User ID and Password to always access your account.
  • Lastly, click on Submit.

Legacy Credit Card Login

  • Firstly, to start with, go to
  • Secondly, scroll down to Account Login and click on it.
  • Then, enter your Username and Password.
  • Now, you have access to your account.

From now on, you can use your card to make purchases whether online or offline. You can as well access your online account and view your credit card details. Cardholders can as well make their credit card payments from their online account with so much ease.

Moreover, cardholders can always login with whatever device they have. They can check their balance; view their credit limit, billing statement, and lots more. With this online portal, the card holders will not need to depend on customer service for every detail they need since they can easily get it from their online account.

Also from the online portal, you can pay your credit card bills. Just supply your bank’s routing number and checking account number to make your electronic payments. You can make a one-time payment or an automatic recurring payment. There are other payment options like paying through mail, telephone, Money gram, and Western Union. These options come with their own charges. To send through mail, send your payments to:

First National Credit Card

PO Box 2496

Omaha, NE 68103-2496.

Pay by MoneyGram using the code 3888

Pay by phone to 1stnationalcc customer service through a debit card.

Lastly, to pay through Western Union, use the code City/State: FNCC/SD.

I hope you found this article very resourceful. You can drop your questions in the comment section below.


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