Eyeglasses Near Me – find the exact kind of glasses you need

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Do you have an eye problem? If yes, does your doctor recommend glasses? If your doctor recommends glasses, you really need to use them. Where can you find the exact kind of glasses you need? That’s the essence of this article. In this article, you will learn about eyeglasses near you and how you can easily get them.

Eyeglasses Near Me – Find it on the Map

There are so many places around you that you can get glasses. They include a box store vision center or a private optometrist and lots more. Further, the prices are affordable. When you choose a location, browse further about it to know other details like their contact address, working hours, and others.

What were early eyeglasses made from?

Historians say that the early eyeglasses had actual glass lenses (newer eyeglasses feature a plastic lens) usually mounted on very heavy frames constructed from wood, lead, or copper. After some time, more natural materials like leather, bone, and horn replaced them. by the early 17th century, people made lighter frames composed of steel. Even the popular tortoiseshell frames were introduced in the 18th century. A French optician named Thomson is credited with inventing the modern eyeglass frame. He invented it in 1746. This simply means that the frames could be placed over the ears and nose easily.

Who invented bifocals?

Benjamin Franklin is often credited for inventing eyeglasses. However, he actually invented bifocals, not eyeglasses. Actually, Franklin was born many years after the invention of eyeglasses.  Franklin only changed the face of optometry with the invention of bifocals in 1760. The top lens of the glasses is now used to see objects from afar. Then, the bottom lens is for reading or other types of very close work. With the bifocal, vision-impaired people can now use one eyeglass to see clearly. They don’t have to carry two glasses anymore. Everything is now so advanced that there is even a bifocal contact lens for those who don’t want classes. Does that not impress you?

What was the first vision aid called?

The very first vision aid was the reading stone. Historians say that the reading stone was first introduced at around 1000 AD. It was just a simple glass sphere laid on top of any type of reading material to help magnify the letters and allow the reader to see more clearly. However, around 1284 the wearable eyeglasses were brought to the public in Italy. SalvinoD’Armate, an Italian was the inventor of the first eyeglasses.

When did eyeglasses become fashionable?

In the past, people wearing glasses felt very different since everyone will know that they have eye problems. However,in the 1930s, frames were designed to look beautiful and attractive. By the 1940s, eyeglasses became fashionable and everyone including people with no eye problem began to wear them.

Today, almost everyone wears it. Also, people even wear the color that matches their clothing and other occasions. Since the Second World War took place, variations on shape became very popular. Many women like the harlequin shape. Another is the cat eye, it is available in many textures, finishes, and even laminates in glitter. Many men like the Buddy Holly look and other styles. Do you like wearing eyeglasses? If yes, what type do you wear? Please tell us in the comment section.