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For your unique clothes and accessories from globally reckoned factories around the world shop with an Everlane Gift card. It is simple to use and to check your Everlane Gift Card balance. And it comes in digital and physical forms. It is your choice to make but be assured to shop from and for the best. Everlane Gift Card comes in different denominations of $25, $50, $100, and $200.

Even when your Everlane Gift Card balance drops, you can combine it with other payment methods. With Everlane Gift Card you shop with ease, give exciting gifts to your loved ones plus other benefits below;

Everlane Gift Card

Everlane Gift Card Offers and Deals

  • Firstly, the card is not restricted to Everlane, customers can also use the gift card, for online purchases, once the merchant is using the same payment provider for both channels.
  • Secondly, the physical gift card is associated with packaging, and carries the branding of the merchant, with this, the recipient gets an exciting experience, of unwrapping a nicely packaged gift.
  • Thirdly, if your value is exceeded, it can be combined with any number of other payment methods.
    Get the perfect gift, from an array of merchants
  • Send any gift card, with a customized message to your recipient, to convey how you feel to your recipient.
  • Finally, the Everlane Gift card balance is easy to check and the card simple to use.

Everlane Gift Card Types

Everyone has two types of gift cards. They are the Everlane physical gift card and Everlane digital card.

Everlane Physical Gift Card

The Everlane has a physical gift card, which has gained acceptance, even with SMS and app-based gift certificates in the market these days. The physical gift card, are universally accepted, and instantly recognizable, by both the recipient and the cashier.

Everlane Digital Gift Card

Everlane digital online gift card is designed to help you shop with ease. Send a nice and exciting gift, to your recipient, with just a click on your device at the comfort of your home or office.

Everlane Gift Card Terms | Everlane Gift Card Balance

Before you head on to purchase Everlane Gift Card, here are some things to note;

  • Firstly, only residents of the USA or Canada, may buy and redeem Everlane gift card online only or at everlane.com.
  • Secondly, there are no charges on the service fee, and has no expiration dates.
  • Thirdly, get your gift card redeemed, to receive store credit on your Everlane account, for the amount stated on the gift card. And check your Everlane Gift Card balance.
  • Cards and credits cannot be redeemed for cash, only when prompted by the law
  • Lastly, Everlane physical and digital gift cards can only be redeemed if purchased through Everlane.com, or through an authorized seller.

How to Redeem Everlane Gift Card

Redeem Card in person, online or in-store. You can also mail an Everlane gift card, to your recipient directly, or have it sent to you first, either way, with no gift recipient required.

Where Can I Use My Everlane Gift Card?

Everlane Gift Card, can be used at Everlane and everywhere else where Mastercard is accepted.

Everlane Gift Card Balance / How to check

To check Everlane Gift Card balance;

  • Sign in to your Everlane account.
  • From there, you can check your Everlane Gift Card balance.


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