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Are you an entertainer or work in the entertainment industry? If yes, you really need an entertainment lawyer. Everyone in this industry needs a lawyer be it a musician, directors, producers, writers and the rest. An entertainment lawyer professionally handles all you contracts and help you get the pay for your wok. If there is no lawyer, you will not have any legal backup when there is a breach of contract.

Entertainment Lawyer Near Me

Entertainment Lawyer Near Me – Find it on the Map

To find a qualified entertainment lawyer near you, browse on the map below. You will find a list of qualified lawyers in your location. Feel free to choose a location and browse further about it. This will help you know about the lawyer’s competency, reviews from past clients and other vital details.

How much does an entertainment lawyer charge?

Entertainment lawyers charge a high hourly fee. This may be from $200 and up per hour. In some cases, they charge a percentage of the value of the services they give.in most cases, they take 5% of that deal or more. Many others will charge a set fee after reviewing or negotiating documents.

The work of an entertainment lawyer

An entertainment lawyer counsels clients on issues like contracts, intellectual property, labor/employment, international law, taxation, immigration, and litigation, all within the realm of the entertainment industry. For instance, if you’re an upcoming musician, you can sign up with a music producer while an entertainment lawyer helps facilitate to ensure you are properly paid and covered.

What are media laws?

Media law is a legal field that directly handles the regulation of the telecommunications industry, broadcasting, advertising, and entertainment industry. Other aspects of media law are censorship and online services.

What to expect From an Entertainment Lawyer

Usually, when you sue another person and win the case, you can either get compensation or the sole rights to your work. But if you are being sued, your lawyer will do his/her best to prove your innocence and reduce any charges against you. However, note that there are no guarantees. But always get the very best lawyer to help you handle your case properly. Hire a smart, intelligent, honest and professional entertainment lawyer. To get this kind of lawyer, do a thorough research and carefully review anyone you see before hiring him or her.

When to Hire an Entertainment Lawyer

If you’re in the entertainment industry even if you are new or just want to sue someone who is, you’ll need an entertainment lawyers.  Below are the reasons why you need one:

  • If your intellectual property has been stolen.
  • When you’re attempting to discern publication rights.
  • If you want in on distribution rights.
  • You’re entering into or negotiating a contract.
  • Someone has violated a contract.
  • You’re being sued for any of the above reasons.
  • When you need answers about your rights or obligations in the entertainment industry.

Don’t think that you can handle any of the above cases on your own. You may end up losing a lot of money and become frustrated. An entertainment lawyers takes away the stress from you and helps you win your case and find justice for you.

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