EastWest Credit Card – Reward on your purchases, anytime, anywhere!

Eastwest Credit Card offers up to a 3% Cash Reward on your purchases, anytime, anywhere! It offers, plus bonus points which can be redeemed towards future purchases, gift cards, or merchandise. However, It pays to spend with this credit card.
The EastWest credit card is issued by the EastWest Banking corporation with low fees for card usage.

EastWest Credit Card

 EastWest Credit Card Benefits

  • Firstly, the EastWest card can be used for a cash advance. For example,
  • Secondly, the credit card can be used to make payment for the purchase of any goods and services
  • Thirdly, offers a free lifetime membership for cardholders, An so,
  • Fourthly, Free EastWest Platinum Virtual Card is provided by the bank, to protect your normal credit card limit.
  • Also, a 3D secure technology is offered, to make your online transactions safe. So,
  • Cardholders get a 3% reward on every purchase, anywhere. Again,
  • Get a 5% cash bonus from supermarkets, medical stores, and gas stations. Again,
  • Users can do exclusive shopping. Also,
  • Rewards can be chosen by customers. Finally,
  • Lastly, earn a 5%-10% discount for your fuel purchases and other purchases.

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EastWest Credit Card Additional Information

  • 24 hours worldwide service is provided by the credit card
  • Charges no interest on installment. Above all,
  • To help you keep your foreign currency intact, the credit card pays you in Philippine pesos for international purchases.

Application Steps for EastWest Credit Card

  • Navigate to the Online Portal of East West Bank. Now,
  • The next step is to choose the type of EastWest credit card that you desire
  • This next step requires that you supply your personal info. They are as follows; Where did you hear about EastWest credit card? Full name, Middle name, last name, Name to appear on the card, Birthdate, Place of birth, Mothers full maiden name, Gender, Civil status, or dependents, of cards own, Education, Citizenship, ACR No, Tax identification no., Home address, Zip code, Homeownership, Years of stay, Home PH. No, Mobile PH. No, Primary email address, Alternate email address
  • Next, provide your work and finance info, which includes the following; Source of the fund, Employment. Also, Years with current business, Rank, Occupation, Nature of present business, Company name, Department, Company address, Zip code, Company PH No., Gross annual income
  • Thereafter, you are to provide your credit card reference info, which is; Card issuer, Card no, Member since the Credit limit
  • This step requires your spouse’s info, which is as follows; Name of spouse, Company name, Position, Department, Company address. Also,  Zip code, Company Ph No., Mobile PH No., GAI
  • Supply your trade reference info; Full name, Company name, Position, Department, Contact no.
  • Next, go through the billing reference and statement of account. Therefore,
  • Click “I agree”, to go through the Terms and Conditions.
  • Then, click “Continue” to complete the application procedure.

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