Dairy Farm Near Me – Whatever fresh diary product you need.

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Do you need freshly laid eggs or fresh milk from the cow? Whatever fresh diary product you need, you can get them in a dairy farm near you. In this article, you will learn about a dairy farm near you. You will also learn other vital details.

Dairy Farm Near Me

Dairy Farm Near Me–Find it on the Map

To find a dairy farm in your local area, browse the map. You will find a list of dairy farms near you. Choose a location you prefer and learn more details about them.

How much milk does the average dairy cow produce daily?

Statistics prove that the average dairy cow produces 70 pounds of milk daily. It simply means that a cow produces 8 gallons of milk daily.

How many jobs does one dairy cow create?

It may surprise you to know that a dairy cow creates jobs for four full-time jobs in the local community. These jobs include milk haulers, workers at processing plants, veterinarians, and nutritionists. Thank goodness for these animals. Let us do everything within our power to protect our local farms and farming communities.

How much feed does one dairy cow consume per day?

On an average level, a dairy cow eats about 100 pounds of food per day. The feed includes hay or grass, some supplemental feed, and others to help them keep growing.

Six Breeds of Dairy Cows

There are six breeds that produce the milk we drink daily. They include Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Holstein, Jersey, and Milking Shorthorn. The seventh variation is usually called the red and white, is a simple variation on the Holstein breed.

Cows like It Cool

Cows don’t like hot weather or heat at all. They like cool places, this is especially dairy cows. The major reason for this is that they have very thick skin, hair, and insulation. So, dairy cows like to be in temperatures between 40 degrees and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. They feel very restless when you put them in hotter or colder temperatures.

However, in the winter when the weather becomes cold, farmers tend to their cows in barns. They can use heat lamps to help keep the temperature normal instead of cold.  On the other hand, in the summer, cows are made to feel nice and cool.

How much does a cow weigh?

Lastly, the weight of a cow depends on factors like genetic potential, age, breed, gender, and feeding. On an average level, a cow weighs from 1,000 to 1,800 pounds. Farmers who want their cows to have weight usually feed them well.

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