Credit One Bank Credit Card Review – best available rewards and rates

Credit One Bank Credit Card offers cashback on dining purchases. So, if you’re planning to stock up, use this Card. Otherwise, you might need to compare multiple offers across issuers to ensure you get the best available rewards and rates. Check out the rewards and fees that come with the Credit One Bank Credit Card.

Credit One Bank Credit Card Review

Credit One Bank Credit Card Rewards

  • 0% cashback on gas and groceries
  • 1% cashback on dining purchases and 1.0% cashback on all other purchases
  • Double cash back on purchases with Credit One Bank Credit Card


Get a variable rate of 15.65% to 24.15%

Balance Transfers

Not applicable

APR for cash advances

Get an APR between 17.90 and 25.15%. The transaction fee is either 8% or 3%. The fee is normally around 3% to 5%, thus an 8% transaction fee is high. This interest starts accruing the second your purchase is posted to your account.

Annual Fee

$0 to $75 for the first year; after that, it’s $0 to $99 on Credit One Bank Credit Card
The second-year annual fee might be divided into 12 portions, which will be billed each month.

Authorized User Participation Fee

Foreign Transaction Fees

Credit limit increases
The minimum credit limit is $300. The fee for a credit limit increase ranges from zero to $49

Additional Information
The minimum payment due is 5% of your balance. With most issuers, the minimum payment hinges between 1% and 3%. If your balance is $2,000, your minimum monthly payment is $100.
If you get “protection”, you’ll be paying finance charges until the full balance in your account is paid. Thus the cost is more than just the monthly fee.
The “protection program” costs $0.96 per every $100 of your balance. These programs are over-priced and often don’t pay off when it’s needed.

How to Apply for the Credit One Bank Credit Card

  • Firstly, check your credit score, and click here to apply.
  • Secondly, your FICO credit score provides the credit card companies with a sense of your creditworthiness because it involves several factors related to credit use:
  1. Payment history makes up 35% of your FICO score
  2. Amounts Owed accounts for 30%
  3. Length of credit history accounts for 15%
  4. Credit mix and new credit both contribute 10% each to your score

Gather the necessary information you need to apply with. This includes,

  • Your name
  • Contact details
  • Current address
  • Specific financial data such as your income
  • Security information including your Social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Mother’s maiden name

In case you have a thin credit line, you’ll be asked for more information or proof of the information you provided such as;

  • First, a copy of a government-issued ID or a previous address.
  • Secondly, submit your application
    You can submit your application online, by mail, or over the phone, but submitting online seems to be the most commonly preferred method because you can easily compare multiple offers across issuers to ensure you get the best available rewards and rates.
  • Thirdly, wait up to 2 weeks for a decision on your Credit One Bank Credit Card application.

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