Citibank Online Banking – services for consumer businesses and institution.

Citibank is the consumer division of financial services multinational Citigroup. They have been around for a long time and have gathered a lot of experience. Citibank was founded as early as 1812 as the City Bank of New York, later the name was changed to First National City Bank of New York. Citibank Online Banking provides credit cards, mortgages, personal loans, commercial loans, and lines of credit.

The bank has 2,649 branches in 19 countries and also 723 branches in the United States of America.
Citibank was one of the first banks to introduce automatic teller machines (ATM), in the 1970s, this was done to give it’s customers 24-hour access to accounts. This machine accepted the already existing CitiCard for withdrawals and deposits.

Citibank Online Banking

Citibank Online Banking

Citibank was already existing online even before the World Wide Web was launched. Then it was used for email and other internet interaction. Citibank online offers services to both consumer businesses and institutions.

How To Register With Citibank Online Banking


  • Go to the Citi Online Registration page, you can also activate your Credit/Debit card and set your PIN if that has not been done already.
  • Enter the following details to register for

Credit Card:
Credit card number (16 digits)
Cvv number (behind the Card)
Date of birth
Debit Card:
Debit card number (16 digits)
Cvv number
Date of birth
No Physical Card
Internet Access Number (16 digits)
Online Saver Account Number/ Mortgage Account number

  • Firstly, read and accept the Citi Online Terms and Conditions and important information
  • Secondly, enter on the screen the One-Time authentication PIN that will be sent to your registered mobile number.
    Activate your Credit/Debit Card (this can be ignored if the card has already been activated)
  • Thirdly, create your user ID and password. Make sure you review the password rules and tips. Your unique user ID and password is used each time you sign in to Citi Online and or Citi Mobile App
  • Fourthly, set your PIN for your Credit/Debit Card (you can skip this part if your pin has already been set).

Citibank Mobile App

You can easily download the Citibank online mobile app with which you can manage your money however you want. This mobile app is designed to help you spend smartly. It is available on Android, Apple, Blackberry, and Windows devices.

How to use the Citibank Online Banking mobile app to access your account:

  • Launch the mobile app after download
  • Sign in with the same User ID and Password you use to access your accounts online.

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