Citi Bank Cash Back Credit Card – the best value for money

Average consumers and individuals who spend a lot on groceries, dining, and transportation will gain a lot from Citi Bank Cash Back Credit Card Offers. Having built a reputation of rewarding customers and providing the best value for money, Citi Bank offers one of the best cashback cards. This card’s Cash Back rebate on groceries, transportation (petrol and Grab), and dining are some of the highest out there.
Citi Bank Cash Back Credit Card cash rebate is not limited to any supermarkets, so you can shop anywhere you like. The card is also ideal for those that love to eat anywhere because it saves you money on all your meals even if you dine in or out. To top it all, you also get to earn up to 20.88% cashback rate at Shell and Esso gas stations (8% cashback at other gas stations).

Citi Bank Cash Back Credit Card

Citi Bank Cash Back Credit Card Rewards

  • Firstly, the Citi Cash Back Credit Card has a decent high cap on monthly cash back at $100. This makes it a valuable card for anyone looking to save money on food, both in and out of the home.
  • Secondly, the card offers a flat rate of 0.25% cash rebate, plus a 7.75% of rebate for three categories that make up most consumer’s budgets: grocery, dining, and transportation. At 8%, it’s cash rebate on grocery, dining, and Grab is among the highest bonus percentage seen in those categories.

Citi Bank Cash Back Credit Card Features

  • Firstly, rewards don’t expire.
  • Secondly, 5% off online travel bookings.
  • Thirdly, annual fee: $192.6, first-year waived.
  • Also, salary requirement: $30,000 for locals, $42,000 for foreigners.
  • Get 8% cashback on grocery, dining, and Grab rides.
  • Earn up to 20.88% off on petrol at Shell and Esso stations.
  • 25% cashback on everything else.
  • $100 monthly cap on cash rebate above 0.25%, but no limitation for total rebate.
  • Lastly, promotion: $120 cash rebate welcome gift + $$70 in Grab credit.

Citi Bank Cash Back Credit Cards Pros

  • Firstly, 8% cashback on grocery, dining, and Grab.
  • Secondly, you get up to 20.88% off on petrol at Esso & Shell.
  • Thirdly, relatively high cashback cap of $$100 a month.
  • Also, promotion: $120 cash rebate welcome gift.

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