Citadel Credit Card – 1.5% cashback on your everyday purchases

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Citadel Credit Card is a cashback card that offers 1.5% cashback on your everyday purchases, a generous credit limit, enhanced security, and protection. You can easily deposit the cash rewards right into your Citadel checking or savings account.
Citadel Credit Card is issued by Citadel Bank. It charges no annual fee or balance transfer fee. You might realize significant monthly interest savings by transferring your higher rate credit card balances to this lower rate card.

Citadel Credit Card

Citadel Rewards Credit Card Benefits

  • Firstly, charges no annual fee or balance transfer fee
  • Secondly, cardholders enjoy 1.5% cashback on all purchases
  • Thirdly, your cash rewards can be easily deposited right into your Citadel checking or savings account
  • Fourthly, gives users the access to redeem cashback easily and conveniently using online and mobile banking
  • Also, get to earn even more cashback, as you shop at Citadel’s Cash Rewards Mall
  • Stay updated on your card information for automatic payments with Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater
  • There’s a Balance Transfer Bonus offer of up to $300
  • Citadel Rewards credit card is compatible with all of Citadel’s suite of Digital Wallets for on-the-go-purchases
  • Offers also generous credit limits
  • Proffers ID theft resolution
  • Enjoy Extended Warranty, on select purchases
  • Next, stay protected with Mastercard Global Service for lost or stolen cards
  • Lastly, shop with confidence, with Price Protection.

Citadel Rewards Credit Card Fees/Rates

  • Annual Fee – $0
  • Balance Transfer Fee – $0
  • Cash Advance Fee – (3% of amount advanced; $10 minimum, $ 100 maximum)
  • Foreign Transaction Fee – 1.1% of the transaction amount in U.S. Dollars
  • Late Payment Fee – $25
  • Returned Check Fee – $25.

How to Apply for Citadel Rewards Credit Card

  • Go to the Citadel application page
  • Once the webpage opens, start the application, by completing the loan information section, by filling out the following details. They are;
    • Type of loan
    • Choose a card
    • Include Co-Applicant
    • Requested Amount
  • Tick the box, to indicate that you are interested in protecting your loan with Debt Protection when the unexpected occurs
  • Click on the “Next” link, to proceed to the “Application Info” section.

How to Activate Card

To activate your newly acquired CC for use, call 800 666-0191.

How to Login Citadel Rewards Credit Card

To login and gain access to your account;

  • Scroll to
  • Enter your username and password
  • Tap on the login link.

How to Recover Password/Username


  • Firstly, scroll to Login page
  • Secondly, tap on the “Login Help” link
  • Thirdly, tap on the “Forgot Password” link
  • Also, on the new page, you are redirected to, fill out your Login ID
  • Next, tap on the “Submit” link, to reset your password.


  • Scroll to Login Page
  • Tap on the “Login Help” link
  • Tap on the “Forgot Username” link
  • Key in Account number, Social security number, and Email
  • Tap on the “Continue” link.

How to Make Citadel Credit Card Bill Payment

  • Firstly, sign in to your CC account
  • Locate the payment button
  • Also, choose a convenient payment option, and make your bill payment.

Citadel Rewards Credit Cards Customer Service Number

Call: (800) 666-0191, to gain access to a customer care agent.

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