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Every business owner needs a reliable payment processor that will grow alongside the business. You need a payment partner that your customers can trust. You need Cielo S.A. Payment Gateway. Cielo Mobile what you need.

Cielo S.A. Payment Gateway is a Brazilian payment processor company. It was founded in 1995 by Banco do Brasil, Santander Group, Banco Bradesco, Visa, Banco Real, and Banco Nacional.

Cielo S.A. Payment Gateway is Headquartered in Sao Paulo Brazil, This payment company is the largest Brazilian credit and debit card operator and the biggest payment system company in Latin America by revenue and market value. Cielo was the only processor of Visa cards in Brazil until July 1, 2010, when it was renamed from VisaNet to Cielo.

Cielo S.A. Payment Gateway

Following a regulation by the Brazilian,

It was now allowed to process MasterCard, Diners Club, and other cards that were formerly only processed by Redecard. Whilst Rede, Cielo’s main competitor was now allowed to process Visa cards as well.
So now, instead of each bank having a separate technological solution to process credit card transactions, all banks can utilize the common infrastructure created by The company.

Cielo Mobile

If you are doing business and want to receive card payments straight from your smartphone or tablet, Cielo mobile is the complete solution for you. It is ideal for liberal professionals (taxi drivers, dentists autonomous salesmen, doctors, lawyers, psychologists), etc., and micro-entrepreneurs, amongst others.
You can receive payments in 2 ways with the Cielo mobile online.

1. Card Reader:

  • Firstly, it accepts a lot of cards and does not allow you to miss out on sales
  • Secondly, you sell on credit, using your smartphone and a card reader
  • Thirdly, increases your sales by selling on credit, debit, and meal card

After that, all you need to do is to insert your customers’ card and password to receive a payment. It is the complete and secure solution for receiving payments

  1. Password:

  • Firstly, enables you to accept any type of payment- debit, credit, meal card, etc.
  • Secondly, you accept payments with a credit card in cash and installment.

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Cielo App Download

Also, you can easily download the app on your smartphone, simply visit your device app store for install and download. Available for Android, iPad, and iPhone users.

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