Catherine’s Credit Card – get reward points for shopping designer wears

Catherine’s credit card is a card you can use to shop at Catherine’s store. It is a card specially designed for plus-size shoppers to get the very best outfits and designer wears.  If you are a plus-size US resident, worry no more as you can always get all your clothing at Catherine’s store. You can as well apply for a credit card since you will get reward points for shopping. If you already have the card, you can learn how to make its payments here.

Catherine’s Credit Card - get reward points for shopping designer wears

I once did not know how to make Catherine’s credit card payment. So I really needed help, sought it until I found it out. It can be frustrating not to know this especially when your payment is due. If you have a similar challenge, don’t worry, I have got your back. In this article, I will guide you step by step on how to make Catherine’s credit card payments.

However, before making payments for Catherine’s credit card, you must have Catherine’s credit card online account. Getting this is very simple and fast. To create one, take the steps below;

How to create/activate a TJX Credit Card Account

  • Go to
  • Then, click on the Register button.
  • Supply your credit card details like your card number, the name on the card, etc.
  • Complete the process and register your account.

How to Pay my Catherine’s Credit Card

  • Go to
  • Enter your User ID and Password to access your account.
  • Proceed to the Payment button and click on it.
  • Then, follow the details they require to make the payment.
  • In the end, submit your payment and it will reflect on your account immediately. This is quite easy and fast, right? It is also free.

On the other hand, you can pay through mail.  Send your letter of payment to the mailing address below;

Catherine’s Credit Card

PO Box 659728,

San Antonio,

TX 78265-9728.

It is important to know that this takes 5 to 7 business days to reflect in your account. It also comes with a charge.

Lastly, you can pay for your Catherine’s credit cards over the phone. To do so, call 1-800-5-450. It is the customer care service line. Once you call, follow the direction they give you to make the payment.

Am happy that you now know how to make Catherine’s credit cards payment, you can do this any time. You can use any of the methods preferable to you. I hope find this very useful.


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