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This Care/Of vitamins review will at the end of the day give you a detailed insight into this personalized subscription service that delivers 30 packs of personalized vitamins to each month. It formulates nutrients that are tailored just for you, delivered monthly to you in convenient packs you can compost. These vitamins, protein and more help you feel your best today and support your long term.

What is Care/Of?

Care/Of is said to be an informative and customized alternative to mainstream vitamins. It is a vitamin company that offers personalized vitamin recommendations that are borne out of a detailed quiz. The Care/Of products consist of vitamins, minerals, and powder alternatives.

History Of Care/Of

Care/Of was co-founded by AkashShah and Craig Albert and is proudly based out of New York City. After researching what people liked and didn’t, the founders got $3 million in funding and set up their warehouse to launch the company.

The company sources all of its ingredients from their respected sustainable sources. This has proved to be one of the most difficult aspects to keep up with once a massive influx of customers set in.

This company between corporate and the supply chain hands currently employs over 100 people.

How to Care/Of Works

Care/Of uses a research-backed algorithm to deliver recommendations created to fit your diet, lifestyle, and goals and delivers everything right to your door.

To get your personalized subscription, you have to take an online quiz to learn which vitamins will match your health and dietary needs. Basic questions are asked like your age and gender and also questions about your wellness goals

Merits & Demerits of Care/Of


It contains natural fresh ingredients sustainably sourced from around the globe.

Offers free shipping on orders and subscriptions of over $20

Involves quick personalized assessment for a customized diagnosis.

It’s complex nutrients mimic food for a naturally slow-digestion.


  • Quite expensive than most companies
  • Not quite personalized as some DNA tested supplement companies
  • Needs multiple pills for nutrients.

What Does Care/Of Supplements Contain?

Care/Of supplement options consist of multiple categories;


Care/Of plants are sourced from sustainably grown places and cultivates them to maximize the potency and benefits for supplements. It has a total of 10 herbal pill range from offering therapeutic properties to more immediate physical benefits.


Minerals are very beneficial to the mind and body, which is why Care/Of features different minerals for certain benefits like energy, sleep, immunity, etc., across its a range of products.


These supplement vitamins are fermented for complexity. These complex vitamins are slowly digested by our stomach, which looks like actual food.


Both positive bacteria pills are formulated to aid with stomach health.


Specialty supplements offer tons of benefits and purposes.


Care/Of offers 4 different dissolvable powders as an additional kick.

Whey Protein

Made from dairy, whey protein helps with muscle recovery.

Plant Protein

Care/Of plant proteins is made up of all nine amino acids, as a vegan alternative to whey.

Quick Sticks

For the multiple benefits of each, 5 easy-to-use packets can be taken anywhere.

These supplements are recommended based on your quiz answers, even though you can also order them individually from the site’s catalog.

The unique thing about Care/Of is that it tells you where each of the ingredients are sustainably sourced from around the globe.

The Care/Of Quiz

The quiz questionnaire contains roughly 35 questions about your health, lifestyle, understanding of supplements, habits, diet, etc.

After the first step of asking your name and knowledge of supplements, the test is split into 4 parts: basics, goals, lifestyle, values.

This test mostly consists of multiple-choice and can take on the overall maybe 10 minutes to answer.

Each question offers Care/Of a more in-depth understanding of what you need on a regular basis.

Every person’s recommendation is quite different based on the questions, and each supplement also has a reason for their suggestion.

Care/Of keeps users updated about each supplement and does not just throw products in your face, but shows your options while explaining exactly why they recommend a certain nutrient for your wants and needs.

Note also that the quiz is very ergonomic and positive. The slides and automated comments in response to your answers are filled with personality while keeping the entire process very engaging.

How Safe is Care/Of?

We can emphatically say that Care/Of is very safe to take. Reasons being that before your order gets to your door, it is tested 3 times.

The first time being when the raw ingredients come into the US factory,  next is during manufacturing, and finally, once the product is completed.

Another reason is that the nutrients themselves are sourced from the freshest locations. The company also searches the globe for each ingredient, only choosing quality sustainable locations.

Once you have a personalized plan, Care/Of will help you stick with it, track your supplements, learn about how they work, and get new recommendations as your health changes.

You can now say hello to your new healthy habit.

Care/Of Prenatal

Different recommendations are offered by this company whether you’re trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, or are currently breastfeeding.

Supplements are manufactured from the highest quality ingredients and are shipped in individual daily packets.

Care/Of Order Process & Shipping

Since your order will be made up of different supplements, there is no set price per month.

Instead, Care/Of charges by each supplement and the rate of each will depend on the cost to produce the pill/ powder.

A subscription of multivitamins consists of 30 packs for everyday use and Care/Of currently ships to the US and most recently Canada.

Final Note

We can conclusively say that Care/Of uses a plethora of charming systems to personalize your supplement order and has transparency as it’s the watchword at every step as it answers any questions you might have about why they’d recommend a particular supplement.

Be it as it may, you are still to consult with your doctor before taking vitamins because as reported by some scientists high doses of vitamins can be harmful to your health.

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