Car Makes and Models – knowing the name and brand of a car product

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The Model of a car is the name of a car product. On the other hand, a car’s make is the brand of the car. For instance, Toyota is a brand but Camry is a model. The cost of a car depends on the brand, model, model year, and trim level.

However, even if two cars have the same model, there will still be some differences between Car Makes and Models . There can be differences in body style and trim level. Even when you know a car’s model, you can find it difficult to identify a car correctly when:

Car Makes and Models - knowing the name and brand of a car product

  • Buying or selling a car
  • Registering a car
  • And shopping for auto insurance.

The issue above arises because sometimes, a car model comes in many body styles. For instance, if you buy a 2018 Honda Civic as a sedan, coupe, or hatchback, they have many body types. These body types include SUV, Wagon, Convertible, Hatchback, Sedan, or coupe. It is the body type that shows a vehicle’s shape, the number of doors it will have, and how to set up the drive train, transmission, and engine. The body style of a car determines what you will use the car for.

Trim Level

Also, a model of a car may have different trim levels which relate to equipment and styling. Common trim levels include standard, luxury (upgraded interior and smoother suspension), and sports (upgraded engine handling and performance).

Moreover, certain vehicles have alphanumeric naming systems. This makes it hard to distinguish between model names and the trim level of a car. Lexus, Mercedes, and BMW have this naming system. If you don’t know the name of any of these vehicles, you cannot find the trim level and the model name.

Model Year

If you know a car’s model year, you can differentiate it from another car of the same model and make. But know that a vehicle’s model year is not the same as the year it is manufactured. You can buy a car for a given model year some months prior to the calendar year. For instance 2015 Honda Civic was available already in mid-2014.

Differences between car make of the same manufacturers

Many manufacturers make different brands of vehicles. This is especially when they buy or partner with another manufacturer. For example, General Motors bought Buick, Cadillac, and Chevrolet who were once manufacturers of automobiles. Sometimes, they create new brands to target another market. Toyota Motor Corp manufactures about 3 brands of cars including Lexus, Scion, and Toyota. She created Lexus to focus on the luxury car market.

But even if your Lexus is manufactured by Toyota, Toyota is not its maker.

How to find your Car Makes and Models

To find your car’s make, trim package, and model, go to the badges, emblems, or decals on the rear exterior of your vehicle. It is printed on the vehicle registration certificate or on your owner’s manual. Also, with your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), you can find out every detail about your car. Your VIN is usually on the driver’s side dashboard. It is a 17 digit code.

Does your Car Makes and Models matter?

If you intend to buy or sell a car, know that the model influences the value of the car. The make and model also affect auto insurance rates. Usually, the rate of comprehensive and collision coverage is based on your car’s value. The more the value of the car, the more expensive its insurance is. Also while setting up premiums, many insurers consider how often drivers with your car model and body style file liability claims. In this case, if there are more claims for your car’s model, the insurer finds it riskier. The insurer will as well check how safe your car is for you and your passengers, if your car is in good condition, it will reduce the insurance premiums.

Very expensive cars have high insurance coverage and cost more.

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