Cabelas Credit Card Rewards – $25 discount for account opening.

The Cabelas Credit Card Rewards has a lot of surprises in stock for their users right from the first day the card is issued. Cardholders get a $25 discount on the day of account opening. Also, if you make at least five non-Cabela purchases within 30 days of opening an account, you will get another $10 worth of points. This Card is ideal for those that shop frequently at Cabela’s & Cenex store locations.

Cabelas Credit Card Rewards

Special Offers from Cabelas Credit Card Rewards

  • Firstly, the Cabela’s card also offers 2% back at Cabela’s & Cenex. You earn rewards in terms of points, but the amount that you receive will equate to 2% cashback on Cabela’s and Cenex purchases and 1% cashback everywhere else
  • Secondly, the no annual fee offer on the Cabela’s card enables the cardholder to save more than $15 compared to the average credit card.

Cabelas Credit Card Additional Information

  • Firstly, the CLUB Points don’t expire by date. The only reason you will lose these points is if your account falls out of good standing, which might happen because of missed payments.
  • Secondly, this card’s lack of Overlimit fees only comes into play if you are actively opt-in for the ability to make a purchase that would exceed your available credit.
  • Thirdly, the Cabela’s card offers access to special offers and events. All members of Cabela’s CLUB REWARDS program are eligible for unspecified “exclusive offers”. Cabela’s credit-card users who spend enough to qualify for Silver or Black status also get access to Signature Travel Adventures and “The Experience”. The travel adventures are basically preplanned, all-inclusive hunting and fishing vacations. “The Experience” is similar, offering behind-the-scenes access to the inner workings of hunting, fishing, and outdoors companies, including Ruger, Simms, and Zeiss. All such trips seem to cost at least $2,000 per person.

Cabelas Credit Card Rewards Rates and Fees

  • Annual Fee – $0
  • Rewards Bonus – 3,500 points
  • Rewards Rate – 1-2 points/$1
  • Purchase Intro APR – Not Offered.
  • Transfer Intro APR – Not Offered.
  • Regular APR –9.99% – 25.22% (V).

How to Apply for the Cabelas Credit Card Rewards

  • Firstly, scroll the application page and click “Apply Now”.
  • Secondly, Enter your name
    First name
    Middle name
    Last name
    Residential address (No PO Boxes or CMRA)
    Zip Code ( Add mailing address) if different from a residential address
    Phone number
    Email address
  • Personal Information
    Date of birth
    Social security number
  • Are you a citizen?
  • Employment status
    Mother’s maiden name
    Total annual income
  • Then, choose an option to add an Authorized User to the account
  • Next, review the Terms and Conditions
  • Also, click on the acceptance box if you agree.
  • Finally, click on submit an application.

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