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Did you just see a fine piercing and you want to get one done? Or, have you been nursing the idea since without knowing where to get it done? Whatever the reason is, you can get a body piercing shop near you. Here, you can pierce any part of your body you choose such as your nose, ear, or any other part. Their services are top-notch.

Body Piercing Shop

Body Piercing Shop Near Me – Find it on the Map

To find a superb body piercing shop near you, browse the map below.  You will find a list of body piercers in your local area.

Is piercing harmful to the body?

The fact is that even though it’s great on the body, it has its own shortcomings. This is especially if the people who did the piercing made mistakes or did not do a perfect job. Also, if you do not take good care of the exact areas after that, infections can grow from there and spread to other parts of your body.  Even other bad infections such as HIV and hepatitis can be spread by body piercing. To avoid problems, go to a shop with high safety standards and a good reputation. In this way, you will be protecting yourself.

However, if you want quality service, it is not cheap. You must be willing to spend a lot of money. It is important to know that body piercing has its own problems like swelling, scarring, or reactions to the jewelry. After the piercing, do well to take good care of your body for several months afterward to avoid any potential harm. Reputable body piercing shops observe good hygiene and won’t let you get infected.

How many people have body piercings?

A lot of people pierce their noses, ears, and lips. Statistics prove that 14% of people have body piercings somewhere other than their earlobes.

Some piercings take longer to heal than others

Yes! Some heal fast; others take their time to heal. Also, some parts of the body receive better blood flow than others. The greater the blood flow, the faster the healing. Ear lobes, tongues, and lips heal the fastest at around four to six weeks. However, the cartilage on the outer ear or nose will take far longer to heal. It demands more cleaning and attention.

Can you over clean a piercing?

When you clean your piercing, you quicken the body’s natural healing process. To avoid over-cleaning, do a light cleaning twice a day with a very mild product. Use sterile saline wound wash: it is the best option since it irrigates the piercing site without causing a reaction. Completely avoid ointments, it is not saved for piercing.

The truth is that ointment doesn’t rinse a piercing like a saline wash. Also, dust, debris, and irritants usually stick to the ointment and touch the piercing. However, the ointment reduces pain, redness, and keeps it cool.

Piercing Isn’t Always Regulated

It is unfortunate that only a few states have legislation regarding piercing. In this case, anyone can open up a piercing shop. In this case, extra carefulness is required from you for your health and your safety.  Before you choose any shop, carefully review them and ensure their services are superb. Ask questions about their expertise. Be very sure of everything before you pierce your body here. Prevention is better than cure.

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