BMO SPC Airmiles MasterCard – exceptional credit card for students

BMO SPC Airmiles MasterCard is an exceptional credit card for students that charges no annual fee. As a welcome offer, cardholders get up to 800 AIR MILES Bonus Miles. After that, you can get double the Miles on every purchase at participating AIR MILES Partners. For every $20 you spend using this credit card, you earn 1 reward mile and access SPC®** discounts (Student Price Card Ltd.) of 10% to 15% at hundreds of your favorite stores.
BMO SPC Airmiles MasterCard is issued by the Bank of Montreal. Students who are looking for a great travel card should take advantage of what this Card has to offer.

BMO SPC Airmiles MasterCard

BMO SPC Airmiles MasterCard Offers

  • Firstly, get up to 800 Airmiles Bonus Miles as a welcome offer. Plus get double the miles on every purchase at participating Airmiles Partners. Terms and Conditions Apply.
  • Secondly, get 1 Rewards Mile for every $20 Spent in Credit Card Purchase.
  • Thirdly, get SPC discounts, (Student Price Card Ltd), of up to 10% to 15%, at hundreds of your favorite stores
  • Fourthly, there’s no annual fee charged on the card.

BMO SPC Airmiles MasterCard Fees/Rates

  • Annual Fee – $0
  • Purchases – 19.99%
  • Cash Advances – 22.99%.

How to Apply for BMO SPC Airmiles MasterCard

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant must be at the age of majority in their province or territory
  • Must not be declared bankrupt in the last 7 years

How To Apply

  • Firstly, go to the Bank of Montreal “Apply Now” page
  • Next, answer the question “Already a customer with a BMO Debit Card?” by answering “Yes” or “No”.
  • Thirdly, the answer also “Do you have a Canadian address?”, by ticking the “Yes” or “No” button.
  • Fourthly, if you tap on the “Yes” option, in answer to the second question, you will be directed to a new page, where you are to read, and agree to the terms of the card
  • Next, enter the following details; First name/Given name, Middle name, Last name /Family name, and your Birthday.
  • Also, enter your email address.
  • Provide your Street no., Unit no., Street name, City, Province, Postal code.
  • Fill out your Housing status, Monthly payment, and Lived here since (month/year)?
  • Provide your address at school, School, Education level, Area of study, Current year studying
  • Next, type in your mobile phone number, and SIN.
  • Supply your employment information, Employed since (month/year), Income details.
  • Add another cardholder (optional)
  • If you like, add balance protection or skip.
  • Finally, click the box provided, to agree to the terms and conditions of the card.

How to Activate BMO SPC Airmiles MasterCard

To activate your newly acquired Card,

How to Login BMO Airmiles Back MasterCard

  • Scroll to the Bank of Montreal login page,
  • Enter card number and Password
  • Tap on the “Continue” link.

How to Recover BMO SPC Airmiles MasterCards Password

  • On the login page, tap on the “Forgot your password?” link
  • Next, enter your card number
  • Lastly, tap on the “Continue” link to be directed further on what to do.

How to Make BMO SPC Airmiles MasterCard Bill Payment

  • Firstly, to make your bill payment, log into the Online Banking Service
  • Next, tap the Bill Payments menu on the menu bar
  • You are to register a biller with the bank’s Online Banking facility before you can have access to pay the bill
  • Finally, once you’ve added the biller information, tap the “Pay Bills” tab, to make your bill payment.

BMO SPC Airmiles MasterCard Customer Service Number

Call: 1-877-225-5266, to gain access to a customer care agent.

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