Bike Sharing Near Me – getting a bike ride without buying

Bike Sharing Near Me. Do you enjoy bike riding as an outdoor recreational activity? Are you interested in getting a bike ride without buying and creating a space for it? If you answered yes, you can enjoy this service. This is perfectly suitable for anyone. Even if you don’t intend this for recreation, you can ride a bike. Keep reading to get more details.

Bike Sharing Near Me

Bike Sharing Near Me – Find it on the Map

To find a bike-sharing program near you, browse the map below. You will find a list of the best bike-sharing programs in your location. You can browse further to learn more details about the location.

How many cities offer bike-sharing programs?

Because it has become a means of transport for both young and old, a lot of cities offer bike-sharing. In 2014, more than 600 cities in 52 countries started giving advanced bike-sharing programs. Today, there are 570,000 bikes available for rental worldwide. You can find bikes to rent in any city. Another interesting part is that you can rent it for a day, an hour or a few hours.

Which country offers the most bike-share programs?

Statistics prove that Spain leads with 132 separate bike-share programs. Spain has a moderate climate and large tourism draws. Another country is Italy; she has 104 bike-sharing programs. Italy is very bike-friendly. A lot of people here love two wheels biking. Rounding out the top three in Germany with 43. Germany nowadays is environmentally friendly and cuts back on emissions.

How much does bike-sharing cost per year?

Instead of renting daily or hourly, many people prefer to just pay an annual fee and enjoy biking all year round. Interestingly, annual bike-share memberships in most cities are less than $100 annually. This is very cheap when compared to the cost of buying gas for your car daily and other expenses that go with car maintenance. Don’t you think this is a better option? Furthermore, with biking, the environment is safer.

How Does a Bike Sharings Program Work?

In bike-sharing, people borrow a bike from a dock. They pay at the dock with a card at a kiosk. After biking, they then return the bike to any other dock belonging to the same brand or system. For instance, say you borrow a bike from the Upper West Side in Manhattan and spend the day biking on the island.

When you finish, dock the bike at their location anywhere on the island. Just enroll your payment details and the computer will unlock a bike. When you return the bike and place it in the dock, the computer will lock the bike back into place. The procedure is simple and easy.

Most Bike-Friendly Cities

From rankings by Bicycle Magazine, Seattle is currently America’s most bike-friendly city. It has lots of bike-sharing programs with very impressive bike lanes built with attention to detail.

Furthermore, Seattle’s bike lanes sport concrete buffers; the gold standard for protected lanes. Even at intersections, riders can lean on rails to wait for a very cycle-specific signal to change. Some other bike-friendly cities are Portland, Oregon; San Francisco, California; New York, New York, and Chicago and Illinois.

Take a bike ride today, save some money and protect our environment.

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