Big Lots – How Can I Find Big Lots Locations near me?

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Big Lots Inc is an American chain of retail stores. There are 1,416 Big Lots stores in 47 American States with more than 22,900 employees. The headquarters of this company is in Columbus, Ohio. This company was created as Consolidated Stores Corporation back in 1967. As we speak, their key products include small electronics, housewares, clothing, toys, furniture, food, beverages, and toys.

Big Lots - How Can I Find Big Lots Locations near me?

Below are Big Lots stores in America:

  • Alabama 29
  • Arkansas 11
  • Arizona 34
  • California 151
  • Colorado 18
  • Connecticut 14
  • C 1
  • Delaware 5
  • Florida 104
  • Georgia 53
  • Iowa 3
  • Idaho 6
  • Illinois 34
  • Indiana 44
  • Kansas 8
  • Kentucky 40
  • Michigan 45
  • Louisiana 23
  • Missouri 25
  • Massachusetts 21
  • Maryland 26
  • Maine 6
  • Minnesota 6
  • Mississippi 14
  • Montana 3
  • North Carolina 72
  • North Dakota 1
  • Nebraska 3
  • New Mexico 12
  • Nevada 13
  • New Mexico 12
  • New York 63
  • Ohio 96
  • Oklahoma 18
  • Oregon 15
  • Pennsylvania 67
  • Rhodes Island 1
  • South Carolina 34
  • Tennessee 47
  • New Hampshire 7
  • New Jersey 27
  • Texas 112
  • Utah 8
  • Virginia 38
  • Vermont 4
  • Washington 26
  • Wisconsin 10
  • West Virginia 16
  • Wyoming 2

Further, their most popular locations in the US are in Fresno, Tucson, Dansville, Colorado, Austin, Boise, Idaho Falls, Columbia, Phoenix, El Paso, Evansville, Redding, Athens, Richmond, Wilmington, Wichita, Terre Haute, and Fort Wayne.

In this article, you will learn how to:

Find Big Lots of locations near you.

Get details like the working hours, rating, and other information in the location near you.

How Can I Find Big Lots near me?

To find Big Lots location near you, click on the button below the map.  There is a provision for your zip code. Each red button on the map shows a location; choose the location you want. This will show you the shop’s average rating, address, opening, and closing hours, and name. To know about the hours of that location, click on ‘’View Larger Map’’ and it will appear.

Can I Save a Location with my Google Map Account?

Yes, of course! You can easily do this. To do so, after choosing the store in your location, click on ‘’Save’’. You can always view this from your Google account anytime. It is simple, right?

Can I see Customer Reviews of a particular store?

Additionally, to view customer reviews, choose a particular store in a location on the map and click on ‘No of Reviews’’, and continue. This will take you to a page where you will read a lot of reviews about the location. You can as well check Big Lots Customer  Affairs portal to get customer reviews.

Also, to set up a route to a particular Big Lots location, take the steps below:

  • Choose the store on the map by clicking on it.
  • Click on the ‘’Directions’’ button on the map’s left-upper corner.
  • Choose the starting point of your journey and the most convenient route.
  • Click on ‘’Save’’ to save this on your Google maps.

What is Big Lots Store Working Hours?

Moreover, each location has its own working hour. We already gave a direction on how to find a particular location and know about it. From the direction above, you will as well see the working hours for that location.  The common Hours are below:

  • Monday to Saturday: 9 am to 9 pm. Sunday 9 am to 8 pm.
  • Monday to Saturday: 9 am to 9 pm. Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm.

 Big Lots Coupons

Lastly, this is for Big Lots store frequent customers. They can save a lot by getting these coupons. The coupons help you to get discounts and promotional offers. Below is the source you can get the coupons: