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Best Multivitamin For Men Over 60: As we get older, our body’s ability to absorb nutrients declines. Hence, the food we eat is not enough to meet the body’s nutritional requirements creating the need for a boost. This boost can only be derived from supplements known as multivitamins. Best Multivitamin For Men Over 60

Multivitamins go a long way in helping us maintain a healthy body. Multivitamins come in various forms which include capsules, liquids, gummies, and injections multivitamins. The capsules are preferable because even though the liquid form is easily absorbed, they usually taste bad, and nobody likes to be injected with needles every now and then. In general, men tend to think that they can do without supplements because they have little hormonal variation as compared to women. This is a fallacy!

While some age-related diseases are associated mostly with women, it is not a strange occurrence for men to have such age-related diseases. Choosing a multivitamin for men over 60 is a bit challenging, apart from the fact that there are tons of multivitamins in the market; you may not know exactly what to look out for. You need to know what the body needs most at this age and why only then can you make an informed decision.

What You Should Look For In Multivitamins For Men Over 60

As mentioned earlier, our body functions can be adversely affected by age. Above 40 years, the body’s ability to carry out certain functions is lowered. The body can no longer synthesize, or absorb nutrients as it used to. This in turn affects the immune system causing the body to be susceptible to diseases and other age-related illnesses, such as arthritis, inflammation, high blood pressure, and so on. Thus, you need a multivitamin that can improve all body functions but there is no one multivitamin that has all the answers. There are three basic supplements required for men over 60, they include:

  1. Vitamin D
  2. Vitamin B12
  3. Calcium

Vitamin D is essential for bone health. This vitamin is not readily available in our diet. So, if you find yourself losing balance and falling, you need this supplement. It’s even better to boost your vitamin D level before you start experiencing symptoms due to the lack of it. Vitamin B12 is essential for boosting energy levels. It is very important though you don’t need much of it. Just about 2.5 micrograms are required in a day so taking a supplement of this once in a week can actually meet this need. Calcium is essential to support the skeletal system. The amount your body requires can be derived from other food sources such as dairy products but if you’re allergic, you can go for soy milk and so on.

Benefits of Multivitamins For Men Over 60

  1. Musculoskeletal Health: The ability of the skeletal system to support the body mass decreases with age. There is a significant reduction in the range of motion that occurs at various joints in the body. This reduction is associated with increased wear of the supporting tissue and lubricants at the joints.

The use of vitamins can greatly help in improving musculoskeletal health in men over 60 years of age. These multivitamins contain important components as mentioned above that would help in improving the secretion and maintenance of fluids needed to keep the joint healthy. People suffering from osteoarthritis and other joint diseases that are easily associated with old age are advised to take multivitamins with calcium and vitamin D components.

  1. Vision Improvement: The eyes are also greatly affected by age. It’s normal for older people to use a pair of glasses before they can read anything. Vision can be greatly improved by multivitamins especially the ones that contain vitamin A. Other multivitamins that contain a reasonable amount of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, as well as Zinc, have been shown to help greatly in improving visual health as well.
  2. Brain Health: Have you noticed a diminished ability to remember things lately? That is because your brain health is also declining. Multivitamins rich in B6, B9, and B12 can help boost your memory. These vitamins work in synergy to prevent any form of mental decline and memory loss in older men. If you’re currently over the age of 60, you should take these vitamins on a daily basis and see how much of a difference it would make on your mental health.
  3. Improved Immune System: The inability to synthesize most vitamins in food and decreased appetite for food greatly affects the immune system in older men. A weak immune system leaves you prone to diseases associated with age.

To keep your immune system in good shape as a senior, there is a need for supplementation through vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin E are all essential for improving the immune system in seniors. In other to boost your immune system alongside the use of the aforementioned multivitamins, it’s also important that you adopt a healthier lifestyle; such as doing away with smoking and supporting your diet with vegetables and fruit juice.

  1. Skin Glow: As you get older, skin rejuvenation gets slower hence the appearance of wrinkles and dullness. You can ensure glowing skin as a senior by taking vitamins that improve skin health. The most significant ones include; Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Vitamin B3, and B5.

The benefits of multivitamins for men over 60 is way much more than what has been discussed above. One thing you should note is that some of these vitamins have multiple functions. Checking the initial part of the article where I wrote about what to look for in a multivitamin for senior would be good enough to guide you on what is best for your health.

5 Best Multivitamins For Men Over 60

After careful consideration, the endless list of multivitamins in the market has been narrowed down to the best 5 on this list. When you look at their contents along with their pros and cons, you will find out why they made it to this list and you can choose the best one for you.

#1. Nature’s Way Alive! Once Daily Men’s Multi-Vitamin

This Nature’s Way Alive men’s multivitamin supplement is a natural blend of natural nutrients made in the USA. It contains extra B vitamins for an energy boost, 1000 I.U. of Vitamin D3, calcium obtained from plants, and powerful citrus bioflavonoids. Now, you can see that this supplement contains all the key nutrients mentioned above. Best Multivitamin For Men Over 60 This multivitamin can help boost your prostate health, heart health; eye health and immune system. One of the cons is that the tablets are rather large. If you have difficulty swallowing large pills, you won’t like this one. Cutting the tablet into two with a kitchen knife might help. Dosage: One pill a day.


  • Supports various body functions and health
  • Contains a good dose of essential vitamins, particularly A, C, E, and K
  • Boost energy levels
  • Affordable
  • Dairy-free
  • Boosts prostate health.
  • Just one pill a day


  • Strong smell
  • Must take with food
  • Large pill size
  • May take a few weeks to see results.

#2. New Chapter Every Man II Multivitamin

New Chapter’s Every Man II is a whole-food fermented vitamin consisting of quality ingredients. It is much more bio-available. It contains much more than just isolated nutrients and comes without animal gelatin and gummy sweeteners. The recent formula contains fermented wheat (gluten) but the concentration is below 20ppm and is not ideal for celiac individuals.Dosage: 3 pills daily.


  • Easy to digest
  • Good for heart, eye and prostate health
  • Won’t upset stomach
  • Improves memory
  • Boosts energy level
  • Organic


  • 3 pills daily
  • Quite expensive compared to similar products
  • Quality varies between batches.


#3. One A Day Multivitamin, Men’s Health Formula

One A Day Men’s Health Formula is manufactured basically to meet man’s vitamin needs in a day. It’s like an all-in-one tablet. It comes with all the essential nutrients that support heart health and enough quantity of Vitamin D to support healthy blood pressure. Best Multivitamin For Men Over 60 This doesn’t imply it is a replacement for heart medications. It assists to maintain the levels of blood pressure when they are within the normal range.


  • Reputable brand
  • Good value for money
  • Noticeable effects
  • Won’t make you nauseous
  • Boosts energy


  • Has caused some to break out
  • Must be taken with food
  • Doesn’t contain iron

#4. Rainbow Light – Men’s One™ Multivitamin

Rainbow Light – Men’s One™ Multivitamin is ideal for those looking for all-inclusive micronutrient support in only one tablet. Rainbow Light products rank as one of the best in the multivitamins market but the price is on the high side. Best Multivitamin For Men Over 60


  • Easy to swallow
  • Boosts your energy
  • One pill a day


  • Can make you feel sick
  • Strong smell
  • Strong aftertaste
  • Contains allergens

#5. Centrum Silver Men Multivitamin

If you will like to boost your energy level and be more alert, go for Centrum Silver multivitamins. This supplement is structured with an expansive collection of nutrients to support the health of men over the age of 50. Men in this age group require a lot more B12 and Centrum Silver contains 100 mcg which is great.

Centrum Silver multivitamin supports the health of the heart, brain, and eyes and men’s muscle. If you run out of it, you’ll notice the difference in your body; you’ll feel more tired and be less alert.


  • Trustworthy company
  • Improves nail health
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to swallow


  • Expires quickly
  • High quantity of B6 and B12 (Recent research shows dangers)



Of all the products reviewed, the top pick is  Nature’s Way Alive! as it contains all the appropriate vitamins as discussed in this article. Be sure to check it out on Amazon and leave a comment when you’ve taken it for a while.

If you are feeling always tired, you may need to get your doctor to check you for iron deficiency or anemia. What you need could be extra B-12 and folic acid. Vitamin D is scantily absorbed in men over 60. You need an adequate amount of Vitamin B-12 to boost your energy levels. In this same way, calcium and vitamin D help to boost strong bones. Staying healthy is very important for men over 60 because the body’s immune system is usually not as defensive as they used to be, increasing susceptibility to disease invasion.

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  • What You Should Look For In Multivitamins For Men Over 60
  • Benefits of Multivitamins For Men over 60
  • 5 Best Multivitamins For Men over 60
  • #1. Nature’s Way Alive! Once Daily Men’s Multi-Vitamin
  • #2. New Chapter Every Man II Multivitamin
  • #3. One A Day Multivitamin, Men’s Health Formula
  • #4. Rainbow Light – Men’s One™ Multivitamin
  • #5. Centrum Silver Men Multivitamin
  • Conclusion.

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