Best Motorcycle Insurance companies – the best offer for cheap coverage

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If you want to review the best motorcycle insurance companies, you are in the right place. By the time you finish reading this article, you will know the best option that suits you. Here, you will get the best offer for cheap coverage as well as a full protection for a custom ride from the very best insurers. Below are the best options for you. These insurance companies offer affordable policies with great cover claims.

Best Motorcycle Insurance Companies - the best offer for cheap coverage

Best for Daily Riding: Progressive:

If you ride your motorcycle every day, it is best to go for progressive. With progressive, you will get affordable coverage, a lot of discounts, and free add-ons. Many of these have no additional costs. All her motorcycle insurance policies give full replacement cost coverage. This makes your motorcycle to be restored to how it was before the accident without a deduction for depreciation.

Additionally, Progressive has Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Coverage. This guarantees that any original parts on your bike will be replaced by the same parts. Also, the firm adds $3,000 of coverage for damages to custom or original parts, customizations, and upgrades with collision and comprehensive coverage.

Further, she has accident forgiveness programs to keep your premiums low. Lastly, for clients who go 4 years-accident-free and have an accident, she will not count the accident against you. This is possible if the accident costs progressive at about $500.

 Best for Low-Cost Coverage: GEICO

If you need the cheapest rates on coverage along with multiple discount offers and installment payments, go to GEICO. She is the most affordable motorcycle insurance company by a margin of 76% in Florida with an average motorcycle insurance cost of $374 yearly. For the discounts, newcomers with a previous policy in another insurance firm get an automatic discount of 10% for switching to GEICO. Loyal customers who renew their insurance get a loyalty discount.

The most interesting aspect is that customers on a low budget can pay their premiums in installments. But if you pay all at once, you will not pay the installment charges.

Best for Custom Bikes: Foremost

Have you spent heavily customizing your motorcycle? If yes, don’t worry, the best option for you is Foremost.  Foremost gives high optional equipment limits for those with customized motorcycles. She adds equipment to its comprehensive policies without any further costs. She adds $3,500 of coverage for customized equipment on its comprehensive policies. Some of the things covered include custom paint jobs, chroming, and sidecars. You can increase your coverage limit on custom equipment up to $15,000 with foremost. The firm as well gives $1,500 in coverage for safety apparel like helmets and goggles.

Best for Military Veterans: USAA

USAA has a high customer review with military-specific discounts. It also gives loan financing for bikes.  USAA gives motorcycle insurance indirectly through Progressive. Progressive is one of the best cheap motorcycle insurance companies. If you sing up for Progressive insurance through USAA, you will have access to military-specific discounts.

Best for Occasional Riding: DairyLand

If you rarely use your motorcycle, it is best to insure it with DairyLand. They have coverage that you can adjust if you don’t ride your bike frequently. Also, if you are an international rider or visitor, you can get temporary insurance. An insurance scheme from this company is best for international visitors. This insurance policy is available in increments of 30, 60, and 90 days.  It as well gives coverage for one driver and motorcycle. You can apply this to your own motorcycle, rented one, or the new one you bought during your visit.

After considering all the insurance companies above, you will know the one that best suits your motorcycle and choose it. I hope you found this work very resourceful.

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