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The best medical scrubs are ideal for nurses, doctors, as well as other healthcare professionals in clinics and hospitals for their everyday use.

Thus, since medical staff now have an array of scrub design choices to choose from including practical styles, fashion-forward prints, empire waistlines, as well as trendy sleeve and neckline options, you need to know what companies to buy from.

These companies have the widest range of styles with the most affordable prices to help you make the most of your purchase.

Don’t get confused anymore on where to buy your scrubs from as we bring you detailed information on best scrub companies that are poised to offer you high quality and affordable scrubs to make your job more enjoyable and easier.

What to Look Out For When Buying Scrubs


You can go for brighter colors if your work environment permits that. You can play around vibrant colors and let your personal style show to brighten up the ward and your mood.


Scrubs with pockets are ideal for health care workers who constantly carry a lot of equipment around. If you are the type that feels that scrubs with pockets get in the way of your duties and adds to clutter, then you may have to consider the type and size of the equipment you need to carry and think about how to effectively organize it.

If your job specification requires lots of tiny pieces of equipment, you should get scrubs with multiple patch pockets to help you keep everything organized. If one or two equipment is what you have, then you can make do with one large pocket.

Functionality & Freedom of Movement

A good scrub pant and top should give freedom of movement which is comfortable enough to handle your work schedule. Go for fabrics that are not itchy, and look for one with a degree of stretch so you don’t feel constricted when bending down or lifting patients. Also, side vents on scrub tops can help free up your arms, leaving you with more room to operate.


The length of the scrub is another important detail you have to consider when purchasing one. Many scrubs shirts come in mini, standard, and long lengths. Thus, you have to think about your body shape, height, and how much lifting and bending you have to do before choosing a scrub.

Where Can I Buy the Best Medical Scrubs?

Cherokee Uniforms

Cherokee Uniforms was founded in 1972 and plays host to a range of durable, easy-care styles for men and women that can stand the test.

Cherokee Uniforms Tooniformscollection features scrubs with a variety of cartoon characters like Hello Kitty, Bugs Bunny, as well as Spiderman, which makes it interesting for professionals in Pediatrics.

For the Core Stretch collection, there’s drawstring pants and cargo pants that move with you and also capable of holding equipment. Here, you can find stores that you can touch and try on the entire selection to decide on the best fit.

What’s Good About Cherokee Uniforms

Offers affordable pricing

You can get both low-rise and mid-rise pants.

Cherokee Uniforms has both national and international


Figs play host to stylish scrubs for both men and women. Figs use its own blend of fabrics that have been manufactured and core-spun for maximum comfort to avoid scratchiness.

While you shop at Figs, customers can select from core scrubs, undershrubs, as well as a full range of scrub tops and pants.

Here, the collections include collard scrubs, mandarin-style collars, scrub jackets, and peplum scrub shirts, etc. The company also has scrubs with between one and five pockets. Figs also offer limited-edition fashions for six weeks, and also has a range of coordinating lab coats, loungewear as well as socks.

What’s Good About FIGS?

  • A home of stylish collar choices.
  • It offers a wide variety of pockets.
  • Get soft, non-scratchy fabrics

HeartSoul Scrubs

The HeartSoul Scrubs brand only stocks women-only scrubs like tops, pants, socks, and jackets.

The HeartSoul company is among the most fashion-forward company owing to their whimsical heart, flower, and animal prints which leaves a memorable and cheery impression. This company also has a range of solid-color tops also as well as scrub bottoms that even come in lovely pinks.

Another unique thing about this company is that first-time customers can view the lookbook to see the full range of styles, and the company offers seasonal giveaways via their Facebook and Instagram pages. HeartSoul also has a number of stores that customers can try before they purchase.

What’s Good About HeartSoul?

  • Stay updated through HeartSoul Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Get Mix-and-match options and jackets.
  • A playful yet professional collection.


With Jaanuu, comes a range of high-end scrubs for both men and women. Here, customers can select from several collections according to their style preference.

Founded in 2013, JAANUU is one of the newest scrub companies where women can really showcase their personal style in these scrubs as well as choose from zippered scrub tops, belted scrub shirts, and designer floral prints.

All of Jaanuu’s scrubs are made of antimicrobial fabrics. This company also carries plus-size options and stylish details like exposed zippers, mock necks, and cargo pant scrub bottoms which makes this brand one of the best scrubs for nurses who love higher-end designs.

What’s Good About JAANUU?

  • Carries a range of sizes
  • Offers group ordering
  • There are high-end fabrics and designer details.

There you have them, you can get the scrub you need when you need it from the array of scrub design choices available to choose from including practical styles, fashion-forward prints, empire waistlines, as well as trendy sleeve and neckline options.

You can now choose scrubs for your staff, and yourself with ease with the liberty of trying out until you find the best fit, from these companies that have the widest range of styles with the most affordable prices to help you make the most of your purchase. Get scrubs that are of high quality and comes to you medically clean and hassle-free.

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