BECU Credit Card – low-interest rate card with minimal fees.

BECU Credit Card is ideal if you’re looking for a low-interest rate card with minimal fees. It is one of the best cards in that category. If you have excellent credit, you may be offered an APR as low as 7.4%, which is one of the lowest interest rates you can get on a credit card today.

Although cardholders with lower scores may also qualify for a relatively low rate, making it a good choice if you do not have perfect credit.
The maximum interest rate on the BECU Visa tops out at just 18.4%, which is well below average for a low-interest rate card. Your APR will be lowered by BECU if you increase your credit score, so you may not be stuck with a higher rate for long.

BECU Credit Card

BECU Credit Card Rewards Rates and Fees

Regular APR

Introductory Purchase APR

Introductory Balance Transfer APR


  • $25 late fee
  • No penalty APR
  • $25 returned payment fee

BECU Credit Card Rewards Other Features

  • Zero fraud liability
  • Online shopping protection
  • Worldwide travel accident insurance
  • Extended warranty
  • Travel and emergency assistance
  • Car rental insurance
  • Low-Interest Rate

Minimal Fees

The number of fees cardholders are charged is slashed by BECU. According to the BECU Visa terms, you’ll only be assessed a fee if you miss a credit card payment or if the check you mail as payment is declined. Apart from that, you won’t have to pay a balance transfer fee, a cash advance fee, or a foreign transaction fee, making it an ideal choice if you typically use those services. BECU membership is required in order to obtain a Visa Card.

Affordable Promotional Offer

The BECU Visa makes it easy to transfer a balance by offering a zero percent APR on balance transfers for six months. This offer length is relatively short for a balance transfer card, but the money you save by not paying a balance transfer fee can make the short introductory period worth it. The BECU Visa card also offers a six- month zero percent APR on purchases, thus if you make a large purchase, you’ll have more time to pay it off.

How to Apply for the BECU Credit Card Rewards

  • Firstly, visit the BECU secured credit card homepage, and click on the BECU Visa card.
  • Secondly, click ‘Apply Now‘
  • Thirdly, fill in the details required, including name, email, address, phone number, income details, SSN, and date of birth
  • Also, read through and accept the terms and conditions and click ‘Submit Application’.

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