Barclays Credit Card – 40-month balance transfer credit card

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Barclays Credit Card:

Barclays Bank is a renowned financial institution with over 4,750 branches in about 55 countries. It is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Its service offers include International investment, Foreign exchange, International savings, and mortgages. Barclays Bank is a member of the Global ATM Alliance, an alliance of international banks that allows each banks’ customers to use their ATM or Debit card at all other member banks excluding ATM access fees when traveling internationally. Their ATMs are available 24/7 in various locations.

Barclays Credit Card Offer

Barclays offers the following credit cards to suit your needs:

  • Firstly, Barclaycard Platinum 40-month balance transfer credit card
  • Secondly, Barclaycard Platinum with 25 months purchase and the balance transfer offer
  • Thirdly, Barclaycard Platinum no fee 25-month balance transfer credit card
  • Fourthly, Barclaycard Initial- to help build your credit rating
  • Also, Barclaycard Platinum travel credit card
  • Barclay low-rate Platinum credit card
  • Barclaycard Platinum 18 month balance transfer credit card
  • Lastly, Barclaycard Freedom Rewards credit card.

How To Apply For Barclays Credit Card

Before you apply for a Barclaycard, you need to fill in this eligibility form, to know how likely you are to be accepted.

  • First, click “yes” if you already have a Barclaycard credit card, and “ no” if you don’t
  • Secondly, enter your Title, First name, Last name and Date of birth (dd, mm, yy)
  • Enter your Employment Status and Annual income (before tax)
  • Enter your email address
  • Do you have a Barclays current account, click yes or no appropriately
  • How do you intend to use your card? (give an answer to the question)
    Enter Years at current address
  • Also, enter Building number or name
  • Enter Postcode
  • Lastly, enter Residential status
  • By clicking “ Check now” you confirm that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions. A piece of instant information will then be given to you on whether you are eligible for the card or not, this might also be sent to your email address supplied above.

If you are eligible, you can apply for your card in 3 easy steps:

  1. Select your preferred card, or the card you are eligible for
  2. Give the necessary information needed
  3. Get instant decision

How to register for instant access to my Barclaycard online servicing

Step 1. Identification, you can use any Barclaycard account if you have more than one

  • Firstly, enter Your Date of Birth
  • Enter your card number (the number on the front of your card) this will be 15 or 16 digits long
  • Then, enter your card security code, Expiry date, Current credit limit (your current credit limit must match the credit limit shown on your latest statement. If you’ve only recently received your Barclaycard, your credit limit can be found on the letter that arrived with your card).

Step 2: Set up your login details,

For security reasons, choose details that are easy to remember but difficult to guess.

  • Enter your username
  • Enter your passcode
  • Confirm passcode
  • Choose Memorable word
  • Confirm memorable word
  • Choose Memorable word reminder

Step 3: Enter an email address for your account alerts

As soon as you are registered, you’ll automatically be switched to online statements, that you’ll be notified of by email every month. Or you opt for paper statements instead by going to “your settings”.

Step 4: Read and agree to the Terms & Conditions and click appropriately.

How to register Barclays online account

Step 1: Identification

  • Firstly, enter your surname/last name
  • Secondly, how would you like to log in?
  • Thirdly, enter your membership number in the field provided
  • Fourthly, enter your card number
  • Enter your sort code and account number
  • Finally, select Remember me (this is not recommended if you are using a public or shared device)

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