Barbecue Restaurant Near Me – enjoy grilled chicken, pork and others

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Do you want a restaurant where you can enjoy well-grilled chicken, pork, beef, crock or any other meat of your choice? Are you a barbecue lover? If yes, you are at the right place. In this article, you will learn about barbecue restaurants near you and some other vital details.

Barbecue Restaurant Near Me

Barbecue Restaurant Near Me – Find it on the Map

To find a barbecue restaurant near me on the map below, click on it.  You will find a list of the best barbecue joints in your location. You can browse further to learn about reviews, their opening and closing hours, and other vital details.

Is it true that the cowboys brought out briskets in the 1800s?

Yes, some stingy cowboys and their cattle baron counterparts in the late 1800s started making briskets. Since then till date, brisket is now widely eaten. Instead of feeding their cowboy’s good meat, they gave them briskets and enjoyed the fleshy part of the meat. With time, the cowboys figured out that cooking the brisket low and slowly created a sweet meal.

When was barbecue first mentioned in American history?

Historians say that the first mention of “barbecue” in America dates back to 1733. At this time, Benjamin Lynde of Salem, Massachusetts, wrote about a barbecue meal in his diary. However, in pre-Civil war times, it is reported that Southerners ate around 5 pounds of pork to every pound of beef. This was because pigs were easier to raise than cattle. A lot of people enjoyed grilled pork.

Further, historians say that people in the White House ate barbecues since the days of Thomas Jefferson. Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th president of the United States hosted the first formal barbecue that featured Texas-style ribs. The most popular holidays for barbecue both in the White House and in the US are July 4th, Memorial Day, and then Labor Day.  On these days, people enjoy crispy and delicious barbecues.

Can the type of wood affect the taste of barbecue?

The fact is that hardwoods like hickory, oak, mesquite, and pecan are perfectly ideal for pork and beef. These hardwoods have a strong smoky flavor only found on traditional barbecue. However, fruit woods like apple, cherry, and pear give sweet and mild tastes for smoking chicken and fish.

How many different barbecue styles can be found in the Carolinas?

In the Carolinas, barbecue is mostly pulled, chopped, or shredded pork.  However, in the eastern part of North Carolina, the “whole hog” is slowly-smoked and chopped up together with a very thin vinegar-based sauce. In Western North Carolina, only the shoulder is used. They use vinegar and tomato sauce to enjoy this.

No 2 barbecue restaurants use the same style. Each restaurant in a location uses what it finds suitable and what people there demand. Before going to the restaurant near you, find out what is available there and how it is served.