Bank of America Card Activation – banquet of easy banking services

Tap fully into offers on your card. Bank of America card activation ushers you into a banquet of easy banking services. It is the only way to unlock free cashback, reward points, payment bonuses, credit points, etc. The main benefit of activating your card is purchasing and payment easiness. To activate, follow the quick steps below;

Bank of America Card Activation

Bank of America Card Activation | How to Activate Bank of America Card

The activation of your card, whether credit card or debit card follows the same process. So, after collecting your card do so to activate your card to enjoy all these benefits. Activate your card online, by phone, and at ATMs.

Bank of America Card Activation Online

  • Visit an official verification site
  • Choose an option there to SIGN IN or SIGN UP.
  • Provide the card details, personal identification, ID and Passcode really carefully.
  • Now, in case if you forgot your ID/PASSWORD then you have to click on Forgot ID/PASSWORD and right after that, you have to enter some details.
  • Now, if you are not enrolled then the first task is to have your card enrolled and your account and for that you have to click on ENROLL IN ONLINE BANKING.
  • On the next page, you have to enter some information.
  • If you ddon’t have a social security number then you click on Don’t Have A Social Security Number(SSIN)? as shown above. After you click on that you have to fill up some information
  • Follow the instructions there and your card will be activated meanwhile in no time.

Bank of America Card Activation By Phone

  • It will be useful to dial the number for verification by phone number that you have associated with your bank account. Just keep your card handy and follow the quick guide steps as follow.
  • Dial the number for Bank of America card activation number at 1(8188)-624-2323. This number is for customers based in the United States only if you are in Canada, UK or Somewhere else in the world then there is another number to activate your Debit Card : (925)675-6195.
  • Sometimes it may happen internet is not accessible then you need to actively help with your credit card activation and it before 10 pM Eastern Time, then you may contact the number: (800) 472-1000.
  • Provide your card number, other details, and your personal identification.
  • Follow the instructions there and your card will be able to access in less than 5 minutes.

Bank of America Card Activation at ATMs

There is another option by which you can activate your card. Activate your card in any Bank of America ATMs.

  • Visit any BoA ATM nearby you.
  • Swipe your card and activate your card by using your Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • You can also activate your card by walking into any of the branches of Bank of America and activate your card

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