Aquis Credit Card – How to Recover Aquis Credit Card Password

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Aquis Credit Card gives you the financial freedom to make your life a little easier. Just use your card and as long as you meet your minimum payments, you can repay over a period that suits you and your budget. This card can be used to buy goods and services at over 24 million Visa merchants around the world, online, by mail order, or over the phone. It can also be used to withdraw cash from cash machines.
Aquis credit card is issued by Vanquis Bank. It is designed for cardholders, who have a poor credit history. It is not suitable for long-term borrowing or financing existing debt. There is no annual fee on your credit card account. Apply now and get a response in 60 seconds.

Aquis Credit Card

Aquis Credit Cards Benefits

  • Firstly, cardholders can use their Aquis credit cards to withdraw cash anywhere in the world.
  • Secondly, offers a manageable initial limit of £1,000
  • Thirdly, aquis credit limit increases with trustworthiness
  • Fourthly, managed credit card conveniently online
  • Also, there’s contactless payment for cardholders.
  • If you use your credit card only for purchases and pay your account balance in full every month, you will not pay a penny in interest.
  • Lastly, charges no annual fee.

Aquis Credit Cards Fees/Rates

  • Annual Fee – None Charged
  • Maximum APR Rate – %
  • Arrangement Fee – £0
  • Early Repayment Fee – £0
  • Late Payment Fee – £0
  • Representative APR – 29.8%

How to Apply for Aquis Credit Card

Application Requirements

  • Applicant must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be a UK resident

How to Apply

  • Firstly, visit the application webpage of Aquis CC
  • Secondly, key in the following information; Title, First name, Last name, Email address, Date of birth
  • This next step, requires your address information, which includes; Postcode, Residential status, Time at current address
  • Next, key in the following contact details; Home phone number, Work phone number and Mobile phone number
  • Next, you are to provide your employment and financial information; What is your employment status?, How much is your household income?, Would you be interested in an immediate cash advance?, (if eligible)
  • The fifth step requires you to go through the important pre-contract information and declaration and your personal information and Declaration.
  • Thereafter, go through the Pre-contract credit information and Aquis credit card agreement.
  • Then, tick if you do not want your data to be used to keep you up to date on similar Vanquis products and services, that may interest you. ( by email, post, telephone and/or SMS). Tick “Yes” or “No” box, if you would like to be offered the opportunity to apply for other products such as Satsuma Loans and Moneybarn Car Finance.
  • Finally, review your application, and tap on the “submit” button, to submit your application for approval.

How to Activate Aquis Credit Card

To activate your newly acquired Aquis CC, call at, 0800 781 9660 or 01623 23 23 23.

How to Login Aquis Credit Card

To login Aquis credit card;

  • Scroll to Aquis login page
  • Key in your Username and Password
  • Tap on the “Go” button, to gain access to your Aquis account

How to Recover Aquis Credit Card Password


  • Scroll to the login page of Aquis CC

  • Key in your User ID
  • Tap on the “Next” field

How to Make Aquis Credit Card Bill Payment

  • Sign into your account
  • Key in your Vanquis account number
  • Key in the fourth and sixth characters from your security number
  • Tap the “Log in” tab, to get more information on what to do to complete your bill payment

Aquis Credit Card Customer Service Number

Cal: 0330 099 3000, to gain access to a customer care agent.

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