ANZ Cards – secured transactions with free cashback rewards,

You can achieve quick and secured transactions with free cashback rewards, free credit points, and many other benefits with your activated ANZ card. ANZ card activation gives you a unique lifestyle where your transactions are carried out with a card swipe instead of paying with cash. To activate, follow the steps below;

ANZ Cards

ANZ Card Activation | How to Activate ANZ Credit & Debit Cards

Take advantage of your card and its offers by activating your ANZ card. There are two different techniques to activate your ANZ card, either credit or debit card viz. online and by phone.

ANZ Card Activation Online

  • First, you have to visit the official website And go to the “Profile
  • After that click on “Activate-ANZ-Card”
  • Then, Click on “Card-Activation” After that, the OTP (one-time-password) send to the phone number that you linked to your ANZ Card account.
  • Now, Enter the OTP (one-time-password) and Enter the 16 digits number located on your card.
  • Now, Click on “Card-Activation”.
  • Congratulations! the bank will notify you that your ANZ Card has been activated.
  • Note: If you didn’t activate your ANZ Card then immediately contact the bank.

ANZ Cards Activation By Phone

  • First, dial the ANZ Credit Card Activation number 00-63-9683-7043 and ANZ Personal credit card Activation number 1800 652 033 or international callers number +61 3 8699 6996.
  • Then, select your language and Listen carefully to the instructor.
  • Now, Provide your personal details and your card details and verify your details
  • Then, the instructor will notify you that Your ANZ card has been activated.
  • Now, You get an SMS that your ANZ card has been activated.
  • Then, If you are unable to activate ANZ Cards then contact the customer service numbers.
  • Note: If you didn’t activate your ANZ Cards then immediately contact the bank.

ANZ Card Activation Cautions

  • Firstly, never save your card details on any merchant’s site.
  • If you have received it before Destroy the temporary card.
  • Lastly, never share your personal details with anyone through SMS, E-mails, etc.

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