Amazon Prime Credit Card – Features of the Amazon Prime Credit Card   

Have you been shopping at Amazon? Are you an Amazon Prime Customer?  Do you know that you can make your shopping very rewarding? Yes! That is possible with Amazon Prime Credit Card. With the Amazon Prime Credit Card, you get redeemable reward points for each purchase you make. However, you need to make the purchases at or any other eligible store.

Amazon Prime Credit Card - Features of the Amazon Prime Credit Card   

However, before applying for this card, you must be an Amazon Prime Customer with an account at This means that you have to get a shopping account at amazon first before applying for the card. If you don’t have this account, we can teach you how to get it.

Features of the Amazon Prime Credit Card   

  • Cardholders of Amazon Prime Credit Card earn 5% bonus points to their wallets whenever they make purchases with their cards.
  • There is no annual fee for the card.
  • Also, the card has no foreign transaction fee. This means that you can use it to shop from anywhere around the world.
  • Cardholders enjoy 100% exclusive offers.
  • Further, cardholders earn 2% of their purchases at pharmacies, gas stations, and restaurants when they pay.
  • With the Amazon Prime Credit Card, you can save up for your next travel when you book a flight with it.
  • You can redeem your points whenever they are due.
  • Cardholders also earn 1% cash back at other eligible stores not mentioned here.

Apply for Amazon Prime Credit Card

  • Firstly, go to
  • Secondly, at the extreme left, click on the Sign In to Apply button.
  • Thirdly, enter your email address in the next page.
  • Click on Continue.
  • Enter your Password. After this, use your password to Login and start your credit card application.
  • Enter your personal and financial details correctly.
  • Also, review the card’s terms and conditions carefully.
  • Now, click the Apply Now button and Submit.

How to Apply for Amazon Prime Credit Cards without Login

  • Start by going to the website above.
  • Click on the Sign in to Apply button.
  • Scroll down if you don’t have an Amazon account and click on Create Amazon Account.
  • Proceed to create the account. After that, go back to login.
  • Login with the same email address and linked password. This will take you to the credit card registration form.
  • Fill the form and wait for your approval.

From your online account, you can manage your credit card activities. Cardholders can make payments for online shopping; make some personal updates and lots more. The online portal is very easy to navigate and it is open 24/7. If you have a challenge, go to the contact us section of your account. Call, text, or mail your problems to the contacts there.

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