AIG Auto Insurance – seventh-largest insurance company in the world

AIG provides insurance solutions for lives and assets. They provide Life Insurance as well as Auto Insurance services. The company with its headquarters in New York was founded in 1919. With a workforce of over 64,000 in 90 different countries and a customer base of about 88 million, AIG stands as the seventh-largest insurance company in the world. AIG has three subsidiaries which include;

AIG Auto Insurance

  • United Guaranty Corporation (UGC)
  • AIG life
  • Retirement and AIG property casualty

The American International Group apart from their involvement with insurance activities, they have diversified into direct investments, stock exchange investments which include capital market operations.

Products And Services On AIG Insurance

The following are the insurance products currently available on AIG insurance, these products were designed for individuals as well as corporate bodies;

  1. Firstly, AIG Life insurance – This is an insurance cover or policy obtained by an individual over his life or the life of family members, the whole life insurance policies were meant to service individuals
  2. Secondly, AIG direct – This is a situation where the insurance firm acts as a surety which is usually based on trust for the policyholder in order to secure the policyholders’ financial future.
  3. Thirdly, AIG Travel insurance – this is the type of insurance mostly offered by travel companies, mainly in situations there is theft of valuables good or trip cancellations, this also covers for policyholders medical expenses, etc.
  4. Fourthly, AIG Auto insurance – This is where the policyholder will require an AIG auto insurance login details to be able to access and make payments.
  5. AIG Home protection program – this covers for the customers home, accidents that occur at home like flood damages, damages caused by fire, flood etc
    Note: The AIG home protection helps the customer in rebuilding as well as replacements.

AIG Auto Insurance Login – Online Insurance Platform

To facilitate its customers, AIG has set up an online portal through which their services can be easily accessed. AIG auto insurance policyholders can make payments through this online portal, just follow the simple steps below:

  • Firstly, visit the AIG home loan login online payment auto policy page
  • Secondly, navigate and click on the Payment link
  • Thirdly, On the new page that you will be transferred to, you will now be required to enter your Login ID plus the password
  • Fourthly, click on login after typing in your AIG login credentials.

Note that your AIG auto insurance login credentials are your account number first ten (10) digits while your password is the five (5) digit billing ZIP code. This Zipcode is in combination with the customer’s Broker’s Identification Number (BIN).

  • After first login, you will be required to create a new password for your new account.
  • Now you can make your payments by entering your credit card or debit card information as required
  • Go ahead and submit to effect your payment.

Note – Payments can take approximately five business days to finally complete the payment process.

Payments Through Customer Services (Phone Number)

AIG auto insurance policyholders now have alternative payment methods. These alternative methods can either be online or via a phone.
You will be required to provide your credit/debit card to complete the process. Call 1(866)-856-6855 if you prefer to make your own payment on the phone. Meanwhile, the Official AIG claims line is 1-888 -760-9195.

AIG Auto Insurance Password Recovery

Customers who forgot their password can always retrieve it, the process is as follows:

  • Firstly, visit the login page
  • Secondly, navigate and click on the ‘Forgot Password’ button
  • Also, key in the user ID and then click on the ‘Submit button.
  • You can now check your email for a temporary password

However, customers can also call on customer service agents for technical support, the number to call is 1-800-432-3174.


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