Aged Care Near Me – quality care and attention to your old relatives

Do you have an aged relative, perhaps your: mum, dad, brother, sister, uncle, or aunt? Does this aged relative need quality care and attention especially due to sickness or any other problem? If you answered yes to the questions above, do not worry ever again. In this article, I will show you how to locate aged care centers that give quality care and attention to your old relatives. You will also learn some other vital details here.

Aged Care Near Me

Aged Care Near Me – Find it on the Map

To find an Aged Care center near you, browse the map below. You will find a list of aged care facilities or aides within your region. When you enter your location, you will find some centers in your locality. Choose the location you like, review it carefully, and get vital details about it.

How many caregivers exist in the United States?

A Caregiver is anyone be it a family member, trusted friend, or even a medical professional such as a nurse or nurse and aide taking care of a sick or an aged person. There are so many of them in the United States. A 2009 study conducted by the National Alliance for Caregiving and MetLife insurance shows that there are more than 65.7 million caregivers in the United States. This on the other hand means that 30% of all American households have at least one primary caregiver. In recent times, healthcare services are quite expensive; no wonder many family members simply take it upon themselves instead of hiring a caregiver.

How many seniors suffer from a chronic health condition?

A lot of aged persons have chronic health conditions that demand that they have caregivers. The US Census data shows that 80% of all seniors report having at least one chronic health condition. Half report having at least two chronic health conditions. Some even have more. The most serious ones among them are arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and hypertension. Conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis are also often present in aging adults. With the help of home care systems and professional care providers, one can cope with these conditions. If you need professional help for yourself or your relatives, you can get them here.

Aged Care Near Me – Facts

Beyond the Nursing Home

Many seniors do not end up in a nursing home. As a matter of fact, the US Census Bureau states that just 5% of the 65+ population occupy nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and board-and-care-homes. That especially for people 95 and above. It is estimated that 50% of those above age 95 live in a nursing home. Because of the cost, many people simply take care of their aged ones in their homes. In this way, they save some money. But it can be hard too since the person may not be able to work full time. Others simply pay someone to come to their homes and take care of the aged one.

The Cost of Assisted Living

Assisted living is usually a perfect option. This is because there are professionals to take care of the aged person. Here, you find skilled nurses, social interaction, and caring staff who do everything they can to foster wellbeing. However, this is not cheap at all. Statistics show that on average, you will be paying about $119 per day, $3,628 per month, and $43,536 per year. The average annual costs for nursing home care are between $82,128 and $92,376. No wonder why a lot of people avoid this option.

If you can afford it, go for it. It will give you time to do your work full time and provide for the rest of your family. At the same time, you are sure that your aged one is getting quality and professional care.

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