Affinbank Touch n Go MasterCard – earn reward for every dollar spent.

Spend smartly and get rewarded for spending, using the Affinbank Touch n Go MasterCard. This card is issued by Affin Bank. Cardholders earn reward points for every dollar spent. These points can be redeemed for dining or shopping vouchers, branded merchandise, and gadgets you can always use.
The application is online and easy. Cardholders can easily login through the online portal to check account statements as well as make bill payments.

Affinbank Touch n Go MasterCard

Affinbank Touch n Go MasterCard Benefits

  • Firstly, earn 1x AFFIN Rewards Points for every Ringgit spent on retail purchases
  • Secondly, earn 1 point on every RM1 spent on all retail transactions
  • Thirdly, the AFFIN Rewards Points you earn expires in 3 years
  • Fourthly, cardholders can swipe their Affinbank Touch n Go MasterCard, to redeem dining or shopping vouchers, branded merchandise, and gadgets they always need.
  • Also, the AFFIN Bank Balance Transfer installment Plan gives one – time Charges from only 2% and payment terms up to 36 months
  • With Affin Bank EiPlan, you get payment terms from 6 to 36 months on any retail purchase. Interest begins from 2.00%
  • With its low-interest rate, you benefit from a low finance charge, starting from 12% p.a., and an interest rate rebate of 5.5% once you make a minimum monthly payment before or on the credit card bill due date.

Affinbank Touch ‘n Go MasterCard Fees/Rates

  • Firstly, annual Fee – RM150.00 (Free for the first year), waived once you spend RM24,000 or swipe a minimum of 12 times in a year for subsequent years.
  • Secondly, the annual Fee for Supplementary Card – RM75.00
  • Sales and Service Tax – RM25
  • Minimum monthly Payment – RM25 or 5% of the outstanding amount
  • Also, Late Payment Fee – RM5 or 1%
  • Cash Withdrawal Fee – RM20.00 or 5.00
  • Interest Rate on Cash Withdrawals – 17.5%
  • Daily Maximum Cash Withdrawal – 25%
  • Lastly, contact-less Payment Methods – Supplementary Touch ‘n Go Card

How to Apply for Affinbank Touch n Go MasterCard

Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum annual income – RM30000
  • The minimum age for primary Card Holder – 21 years old
  • The maximum age for Primary Card Holder – 60 years old
  • The minimum age for Supplementary Card Holder – 18 years old

How to Apply

  • Navigate to Affinbank application Webpage
  • Key in your name, Email, Country code, Phone number, and IC / Passport Number
  • Tap on the “Submit” link, to submit your application for review.

How to Login Affinbank Touch ‘n Go MasterCard

To login into your credit card account;

  • Scroll to
  • On the Webpage, key in your User name and Password
  • Tap on the “Log on” link.

How to Recover Affinbank Touch n Go MasterCard Username and Password

  • Scroll to and tap on the “Forgot Password” function
  • Choose “Access Card No With Pin” to complete the needed information.
  • Password
  • Scroll to the “Forgot Password” function
  • Choose either “Access Card No With Pin” or “Challenge Questions with TAC, to complete the information needed.

Affinbank Touch n Go MasterCards Customer Service Number

Call: 03-8230 2222, to gain access to a customer care agent.

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