AccountNow Credit Card – pay your bills through a secure online portal.

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Enjoy the privilege of not paying an activation fee and direct deposit without opening a checking account with AccountNow Credit Card. Cardholders can activate the AccountNow Credit Card online, and pay their bills through a secure online portal.
AccountNow Credit Card, Gold Visa is issued by Green Dot Bank and rated good by users. ACC can be used anywhere a Visa card is accepted.

AccountNow Credit Card

AccountNow Credit Card Benefits/ Rewards

  • Firstly, cardholders enjoy the privilege of not paying an activation fee
  • Secondly, no minimum balance is charged on the card
  • Thirdly, customers get $15 as a bonus
  • Fourthly, cardholders have 100% approval from their card providers
  • Lastly, this credit card offers cardholders a secure online portal, where users can view and print their statement of account.

AccountNow Credit Card Fees/ Rates

  • Annual Fee – $9.95
  • OF – None charged
  • Cancellation Fee – None required
  • MB – None charged

How to Check ACC Application Status

After completing the application process, applicants can check their application status, can do so by calling the CC unit at 866-563-1025.

How to Cancel AccountNow Credit Cards

Cardholders who wish to cancel their credit card or close their account can do so by calling the CC unit at 866-563-1025.

How to Activate AccountNow Credit Cards

  • Visit the homepage, and tap on the “Activate Card” link. This will be made possible, if the cardholder, received it via mail.
  • Thereafter, scroll to the activation page, fill in your card number and CVV, and thereafter, tap on “submit”.

How to Make Online Payment with the ACC

  • To make payments online, cardholders, are advised to log into their accounts, on the account dashboard, and tap on the “Make Payment” button.
  • A cardholder can also authorize an auto debit which enables the credit card company to get their money from the bank of the cardholder, without the cardholder paying directly for it.

Customer Service

Call 866-563-1025 to gain access to a customer care agent.